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Jewelry of Bond girls



Since the release of the first series of "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" superspy is surrounded by the most beautiful women. And although the spy in the selection of the passions does not differ in constancy, thousands of actresses dream of getting the proud title of "Bond girl". This image has long become an icon of style, the embodiment of sexuality and an ideal for millions of men. We decided to recall the most beautiful and interesting girls of James Bond and, of course, their jewelry.

Elektra King: "And the whole world is not enough" (1999)

The image of the fatal beauty was embodied on the screen by the seductive Sophie Marceau. Her heroine, perhaps, is the most insidious of all women who have ever met in the life of Bond. The creators of the film hit the mark. A scarlet dress and matching earrings are exactly the combination that can clearly express the attractiveness and "danger" of Elektra.  

Elektra King: "And the whole world is not enough" (1999)

Jinx: "Die another day" (2002)

Halle Berry is the true embodiment of superwoman. Fearless agent of the US special service of the NSA is significantly different from the previous Bond girls. In the opinion of the actress herself, Jinkx is "the next step in the evolution of a woman in Bondiana." Indeed, the short haircut, swarthy skin and flat stomach of Halle Berry in the orange bikini do not leave even a chance for the usual obedience. A decisive character is read not only in appearance, but in the whole image of Jinx. She opted for bikini, floor-length dress and a laconic adornment. Men appreciated the find of the director - a "hot" girl in the ice.  

Vesper Lynd: Casino Royale »(2006)

No one will argue that Vesper Lynd is a separate chapter in the life of Bond, unlike any of the previous stories of the superspy. Undoubtedly, this is the merit of the charming Eva Green, who gave her character a special charm. Vesper does not seek to conquer the world, does not hide in the stocking all possible types of weapons and does not own methods of hand-to-hand combat. But she is incredibly feminine, yet intelligent, perceptive and inaccessible. Thoughtful wardrobe, consisting of basic things and evening dresses, is complemented by elegant jewelry, in particular, a necklace, which can be called a separate character of the picture. Vesper Lynd does not part with it for a minute, combining both with everyday clothes and evening dresses.  

Camille Montes: "Quantum of Solace" (2008)

The image of the former Bolivian intelligence agent performed by Olga Kurylenko turned out to be interesting and in Russian dramatic. In this picture, Bond girl did not try to conquer the man of dreams for her own purposes, more important for her was to find the murderer of the family. In the history of the Bondiana, Camille Montes became the first girl of the superspy, whom he could not seduce. The picture of revenge of the long-time offender became Camille's star hour. At this fateful moment Montes wore the favorite outfit of Bond girls - a white shirt. Immediately two in one ear, the earrings of the Congo, with which Camille did not part, is apparently a tribute to the Bolivian roots.

Severin: "007: Coordinates" Skyfoll "»

(2012) French actress Berenice Marlo managed to convey the inimitable chic of Bond's chosen women and make a short stay in frame incredibly spectacular. A black satin dress with guipure, in which Severin appears in one of the scenes, looks sexy and even tragic. Her whole image and the decorations reveal the complicated story of the heroine, remembered by 007 mysterious and glamorous agent. Looking at this woman, it is not hard to guess why two heroes of the picture could not stand before her.  


Lucia Sciarra and Madeleine Swann: "007: Spectrum" (2015)

The image of the Italian widow in the performance of the inimitable Monica Bellucci first changed the status of "Bond Girl" to "Lady Bond".  

Monica Bellucci

And although the main elect of the superspy in the script is the refined Madeleine Swann performed by Lea Seydoux, the tragic and truly beautiful Lucia makes a special impression.  

Lea Seydoux

In this part we are waiting for a cold and penetrating Bond and hot fatal beauties. Enjoy your viewing! .


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