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Unique handmade jewelry by MY WHITE ROOM

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These unique handmade design pieces are extremely simple. But you feel with such a distinguished accessory, it requires a more delicate touch.

Olga Ivanova, head of design team, always wanted to incorporate her love for art with her interest in japanese culture. Designing jewelry accommodated both of those passions.

handmade vintage pin narziss England, 1920 - 1940

Pin "Narcissus" England, 1920 - 1940


Her handmade designs are inspired by ancient cultures, art and nature but mostly by the antique pieces themselves. Her collection consists of colorful extravagant pieces and as well of simple jewelry, which makes the beauty of each detail stand out.

Since an early age, Olga has always had a love for the natural world. She was born in Karelia, small town Suojärvi, and her love for nature, inspires her every day. She has been studying psychology and Montessori philosophy for a long time. "My main profession is a Montessori teacher. It has been when I started to deal with jewelry, and so it is still”, - says Olga.

handmade porcelain earrings "Lavender"


 Porcelain earrings "Lavender"

Bracelet with currant berries and leaves made of enamel and glass, 1950

Handmade bracelet with currant berries and leaves made of enamel and glass, 1950

She is involved in every stage of the jewelry making process - from sourcing of each detail to the final setting of each jewelry piece.

The design aesthetic of all of her jewelry focuses primarily on vintage spirit. All the details (from zips to buttons) date back to the beginning of 20 century and received from Japan and Germany. “I love things with history, I am seeking for old broken jewelry, remodel them and create new ones”. Artistic vision helps Olga to create delicate and realistic objects such as dewdrop, hanging from the tip of a leaf, tiny pale wildwood flower or the glossy forest berry.

“I have always thought that the highest level of beauty is something like nature – untouched truth, with everything it has, cracks and splashes, 'inaction', inability to change anything like the perfect ikebana”.

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handmade brooch



Olga’s wonderful ability to feel nature  every day and with all the senses makes her seek some quiet and solitude. She leads a small life, drawing and making things, working with children. “When I work I like to get a little privacy”, - says Olga.

“Sometimes It's a bit odd to say the big word "jewelry". I think I'd prefer to create such invisible things that have inner beauty and help people to be beautiful on the inside. However strange it may seem at first sight, it is the inside beauty that enables my jewelry to adjust to person who wears it. That’s why simplicity of nature is my main inspiration.

handmade pin "young leaves of linden" made of oglass and brass taken from a large brooch 1960 Clasp 1980

Unique handmade pin "Young leaves of linden" made of glass and brass taken from a large brooch 1960 Clasp 1980


I want everything to be solid and real, from the beginning to the end. My family is my great supporters. My husband Vadim often helps me with orders. Mom sews everything and my father is a wood craftsmen and a great stickler for details.

 Ball filled with forest heather glass, steel, linen diameter is about 2 cm

 Ball filled with forest heather glass, steel, linen diameter is about 2 cm


Probably my buyer and I are somewhat similar.  I try to express my long-lasting appreciation and sincere thanks to everyone who is interested in my jewelry.

Brooches "Seedlings"

Brooches "Seedlings"


In my work I am not trying to emulate somebody, to look at others, and if I look, I let this information flow through me and make something completely different. There are countless thousands of positive benefits of creativity, because you've got a work of art in you and it becomes an endless source of inspiration”.

Small brooch  "Elephant - pearl ear" made of brass and nacre layer of the shell of abalone (haliotis) 15 mm

Small brooch  "Elephant - pearl ear" made of brass and nacre layer of the shell of abalone (haliotis) 15 mm


At Olga’s Etsy profile (, you’ll find elaborately crafted jewelry and accessories with an artistic bent, all made by hand.

Glass fir cones, Germany 1950

Glass fir cones, Germany 1950

brass locket "For the little secrets" 1960-70

Brass locket "For the little secrets" 1960-70


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