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Jewellery A LA RUSSE - from Romanov Russia to modern style

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We offer to understand the peculiarities of the Russian style in decorations and accessories and try to try on something in the style of Irina Yusupova.

Jewelry from the last shows are mostly bright, with non-standard design. Metal, precious stones, beads, textiles, wood - in bijouterie different, unusual combinations of materials are now welcomed. We offer to trace the origins of this trend and highlight the most interesting ideas.

Russian seasons

Today's fashion for folklore Slavic jewelry returned, following the laws of history. 100 years ago (!), after the revolution, the Russian style in clothes and women's adornments began to spread in the West. It was perceived as something exotic, from a bygone era and a lost country. By the way, European designers very skillfully kept the Russian style. In particular, Yves Sev-Laurent gave France his love for the unique Russian beauty - to recall at least his collection of 1976 "Russian operas and ballets", inspired by Diaghilev's "Russian Seasons".

Princely history

The Yusupov family. This genus with a complex fate has acquired numerous legends. But what definitely really exists is the relics of the Yusupov family. Through the family was the legendary pearl "Pelegrin" (not to be confused with "Peregrina"). It was owned by the kings, in Spain, France, England and including - the princess Zinaida Yusupova.

At the auction Sotheby's in 1969 a pearl bought by Richard Barton for his famous wife - Elizabeth Taylor. Years later, when the puppy was chewing on the pearl, it was decided to insert it into the necklace. The work was done by the Cartier masters.

Already after Taylor's death, in 2011 the necklace is put up for Christie's auction, where it was sold for $ 11,800,000! After this event, Pelegrin began to be spoken of as the most precious pearl of the world, of course, given the added elements of Cartier.

There are many legends about the Yusupov family, and one can not help mentioning the Rasputin family. (This year the performance "Bird of Felix" took place about the tragic vicissitudes that happened with this family.The performance was held at the Yusupov's estate in the Gonzaga Theater.The actors Igor Mirkurbanov, Rosa Khayrullina, Rinal Mukhametov and the artist of the play Pavel Kaplevich - all, as one, That the spirit of the Yusupovs still lives there).

The Rasputin family

The history of this family is also full of legends, but now we are not talking about them - we are talking about Russian ornaments. Grigory Rasputin's daughter Matryona often used Russian motifs in images. During her life she lived in different parts of the world, she was both a dancer and a tamer of lions. Everybody knew who she was, they wrote about her in the newspapers, and her chosen Russian style focused attention on family history. However, Matryona Rasputina did not really have any valuable jewelry.

Modern trends

Today you rarely meet a woman dressed in a purely Russian style. Mixing styles today is more respected than costume images. But at the same time in the women's accessories every year, national elements - eastern, Greek, Byzantine - are becoming more and more evident. This year on the catwalks you can still see necklaces, earrings, rims and other accessories in the style of Russian noblewomen.

For example, massive beads and chokers, decorated with large beads, headdresses with Russian motifs and hoops for hair in a trend/  At the same time, this style of jewelry is valued not only in Russia (let us recall the popularity of Miroslava Duma and Ulyana Sergeenko abroad).

Russian Style-XXI

What can we learn from the history of the costume? Slavs were able to decorate themselves, even without gold and diamonds. You can find a huge number of useful lifehacks in the folk style. For example, it...

Welcomes a lot of costume jewelry. Thanks to this style, a trend appeared on beads in several rows or several massive accessories simultaneously; Attracts with bright natural colors. Red, cherry, golden, blue, green, white - it is dominated by the colors of natural stones, mountain ash and other traditional materials; Offers a choice of flower wreaths with motley ribbons or royal tiaras; Carries details borrowed from nature. Basically, these are floral elements and ornaments. Ornaments with Russian motifs - bright red and golden, with flowers, stones and intricate inlays - emphasize individuality and are associated with tradition.

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