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It smacks of divorce: Meghan Markle took off her engagement ring worth 17 million


The wife of Prince Harry does not get tired of sparking breakup rumors.

The Duchess of Sussex has again provoked a wave of rumors about her upcoming divorce from Princess Diana 's son . The reason was a new picture published by Meghan Markle on social networks. Subscribers spouse Prince Harry noticed that on her finger there is no engagement ring, which costs 17 million rubles.

Belatedly celebrating her birthday in a circle of friends - stylist Cady Lee and writer Cleo Wade, the Duchess of Sussex decided to take a photo for memory. Markle subscribers considered the published picture especially carefully. So, one of the users wondered where the engagement ring, which Megan had never taken off, had gone. “ Maybe her ring was sent for resizing ,” another follower replied to him.


Photo: social networks

The wife of Prince Harry herself decided to leave this and a lot of similar questions unanswered. By this, she only intensified the wave of rumors about the upcoming divorce. Previously, the media have repeatedly written about the tense relationship between the Sussex spouses. They repeatedly publicly found out the relationship, but always denied all the news about the upcoming divorce.

Recall that Meghan Markle's engagement ring is very expensive for Prince Harry. The jewelry was developed by the son of Princess Diana together with the jewelers of the Cleave & Company brand . In addition, he is instructed with two diamonds from his mother's personal collection. According to independent experts, the cost of the ring is approximately 180 thousand dollars. 

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