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Instagram of Xenia Deli: luxury cars, chic outfits and jewelry

Life in luxury: Instagram of Moldovan model Xenia Deli - no day without VIP cars, mind- blowing outfits and expensive accessories

The famous Moldovan model Xenia Deli, who last year married 62-year-old Egyptian businessman Ossama Fathi Rabah Al-Sharif, is awash in luxury. Diva does not cease to share pictures of luxury cars, expensive outfits and chic jewelry on Instagram. The page of the model has already attracteda bout 800 thousand people. Subscribers of Deli  are aware of all the updates of the diva. It's about the surprises that the spouse makes, as well as the gifts that the model gets herelf personally.

Xenia is very fond of her yellow Gelandewagen. In any case, it is this car that most often appears on Deli's photos. The cost of this luxury foreign car reaches about 100 thousand euros.

There is a BMW i8 Coupe (more than 100 thousand euros), Bentley (over 200 thousand euros) and Maserati (about 200 thousand euros) in her collection.

Deli, like any woman, pays a lot of attention to her appearance. The wardrobe of the diva is full of expensive fashion brands. The model picks up such clothes, which would favorably emphasize all her advantages. But she really has something to be proud of. The magnificent figure of Deli has become the subject of envy and admiration. The model appears every day with new accessories and jewelry ornaments. We are talking about two rings. The first - it was given to her by the husband at their engagement, and the second - the wedding ring.

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