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How to buy high jewelry online


Five years ago, it was impossible to imagine how to buy jewelery with precious stones at a price higher than the average on the Internet. Especially if purchase is made not through the official website of the jewelery house, and a giant online shop. Nevertheless, the number of jewelry with diamonds, sapphires and emeralds increases at such venues from month to month and it is already commonplace to spend from twenty thousand dollars on one ornament on the Internet.

Irene Neuwirth Necklace, tourmaline , opals, tanzanite , sapphires, pink and white gold, the price is $ 318.040 ( )

Deborah Nicodemus, CEO Online - retailer Moda Operandi: «At some point it became clear that our customers are looking for jewelry that meets our ideas about jewelry. They wanted us to have offered the best in the world of the legendary jewelry houses, as well as the opportunity to have access to new brands, so we have provided a platform for this. As a result, online turned out to be a very powerful channel for the purchase of luxury items in all categories. For us and our customers all comes down to the trust we have earned. Our clients know that no matter what we show, it's really best subjects.

"Nina Runsdorf Earrings, white gold, diamonds and pink opals, price $ 13,500 , ( )

Recently, some of big fashion brands released their items at retailers like Modaoperandi, Net-a-Porter and Mr Porter increasingly. For example, on 12 September, 2017 watch and jewelry houses Piaget presented at Mr Porter iconic collections Altiplano, Piaget Polo and Possession. Among other things, four watches from the collection of Altiplano (one of the most famous) with ultra-thin movements, and white gold, and two bracelets from the collection of jewelry Possession in white gold with diamonds. Although up to this launch there was quite decent "jewelry" list, which includes the Tiffany & Co ., Stephen Webster, of Boucheron, Repossi, Pomellato, Loree Rodkin's, of Chopard and Buccellati .

Piaget Watch, white gold and diamonds, the price of £ 10,830 ( net -a- )

Boucheron Ring, yellow, pink, white gold and diamonds, the price of £ 7,550 , ( net -a- )

If we take into account only the trusted sites, the risk of buying jewelry online are reduced to a minimum as a result, since retailers are selected jewelry and brands with great care, because nothing "tarnished" reputation more than a low-quality product. In addition, jewelery with precious stones, as a rule, are equipped with appropriate certificates, often - AGS or the GIA . Some online stores offer their own certificates or certificates from other labs. And in the characteristics of the site, in addition to a beautiful description, you can always see the exact weight and Carat of the stones. If there is any doubt in the selected product, then there is always the access to consultants who are responsible for a specific part, in this case, the Fine Jewelry .

Yeprem Necklace, white gold and diamonds, the price of $ 84,000 ( )

The advantages of online - shopping includes a huge selection, which can not compete with even the largest department stores, as well as nearly eliminate the possibility of spontaneous purchases. Sitting in front of the monitor screen, as a rule, buyers are more thoughtfully sent the goods in the "basket". Some sites also have the function of "deposit", which also has a positive effect on care choices. In this case, the client must pay 50% immediately and only then the order goes directly to the designer. At the time of sending the jewelry goods has to be paid in full. It is better to clarify the return policy once in each store. As a rule, it takes up to 30 days. The advantages of modern online - shopping can be attributed to the fact that today the majority of retailers will ensure that all personal information that you provide for payment or registration is automatically encrypted.

Yeprem Earrings, white gold and diamonds, the price of $ 47,000 ( )

The fact that the purchase of jewelery demand on the Internet is growing steadily, shows the number of queries in the Google . For example, the query " jewellery to buy online " instantly falls 117 million queries, and " jewelry online " is already 122 million. "Our customers live all over the world, but now we are seeing a significant increase in purchases of expensive jewelry from the Middle East and Asia. We also see that customers in these regions tend to be much more demanding clients who can make purchases with virtually no restrictions, which ultimately leads to a higher AOV (average check) "- shares details Deborah Nicodemus .

Stephen Webster Ring, white gold and diamonds, the price of £ 10,920 ( net -a- )

World practice looks impressive, but here in the country until the dream of such purchases breaking on harsh reality. Since shopping with a check of 150 euros has to pass through a sieve customs (clearance, duties, fees, etc .), Which increases the cost. The additional fee depends on the purchase price and the type of acquisition. In addition, despite the fact that retailers are carefully encrypted data, few people want to "flash" such purchases after customs. "Jewelery made of precious metals are usually classified as" vulnerable "categories of products, which also includes drugs, alcohol and so on. In accordance with international standards, transfer of precious stones and other valuable objects without declaration is prohibited. It would seem that this provision does not exclude completely the supply of jewelry, however, a number of companies that offer services in the supply of such products, given the legislative restrictions USA and Europe, just say it is impossible to order jewelry in our country. However, the law does not directly import from abroad for personal use. As to the common law of delivery of goods in international mail and express parcels, the duty-free are worth of goods equivalent to 150 euros "

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