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Hailey Bieber's favorite jewelry she wears every day


The model really wears her favorite earrings almost every day, but in different versions.

Hayley's favorite jewelry is gold hoop earrings. She has them in different widths and diameters for each outfit. In everyday life, she usually wears small thin rings that do not get in the way and are combined with almost everything. Street photographers love Baldwin for her street style. Even for coffee or for a walk, she goes out in a dress thought out by her stylist to the smallest detail. The bows change one by one, but the earrings remain the same.

To make them better seen in the photo, the girl chooses larger rings or with an inverse embossed design.


Gold rings have become an accessory associated with Haley. Even in advertising campaigns, stylists prefer to choose earrings of this shape for her. Personal style is formed from such small details! Photo source: Instagram








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