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Get a new Boy.Friend suited up in black Chanel tweed

Time to ditch your less-than-chic timepiece and be seen with Chanel’s new Boy.Friend Tweed

Dressing up your boyfriend is at once a chore and a challenge but here's a beau that comes so sartorially sharp, you'd want him as your mainstay arm candy. And by 'him', we mean the Chanel Boy.Friend Tweed in black — unapologetically vogue with a boyish air, cut from pure lines that reflect an audacious character within its symmetrical proportions.

The latest creation in the Boy.Friend collection, the maison has launched the watch in a new façade, one that recalls the tweed material on the iconic Chanel jackets you've likely lusted over a time or two, then splurged good money to have sitting in your closet. Hued in quintessentially classic black for this rendition, the new Tweed timepiece features an engraved strap woven from steel threads; a process that necessitates great technical expertise as the tweed motif had to be deeply yet precisely stamped on to produce its realistic textile look. Even then the bracelet wraps around the wrist with all the suppleness of its cloth counterpart, ensuring the watch sits with the perfect fit (who says fashionable can't also be comfortable?). Style choices include three sizes going from small to large, octagonal cases in either polished steel or bordered entirely on the bezel with 64 brilliant-cut diamonds, and crowns decorated by a black spinel cabochon. Paired with a black guilloché dial, the Boy.Friend Tweed Black flaunts an impeccable blend of feminine and masculine sensibilities — a design aesthetic buoyed by Mademoiselle Chanel's fascination with tweed and her fashion daring when she incorporated this admittedly mannish material into 1920s' women's clothes.

Small Boy.Friend Tweed Black, 21.5 x 27.9 x 6.23mm 01 / 03 Small Boy.Friend Tweed Black, 21.5 x 27.9 x 6.23mm

Significant historical references aside, the collection is typically powered by cutting-edge, high-precision quartz calibres, though the new Boy.Friend Tweed now introduces one of its fellows with a manual-winding mechanical movement backed by a 42-hour power reserve. Talk about tweed you can't resist tweeting about.

The Boy.Friend Tweed Black is available at the Chanel Fine Jewellery boutique.


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