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Four ballerinas of the Bolshoi Theater in the fairytale shooting of Van Cleef & Arpels

Four ballerinas of the Bolshoi Theater - about their favorite performances, decorations and participation in the fairytale shooting of Van Cleef & Arpels

On the eve of the 50th anniversary of the first production of the ballet "Jewels" by George Balanchine, created after the adornment of Van Cleef & Arpels, we return to the origins. Meet - the Bolshoi dancers, involved in the famous performance, tell us about their dreams, jewels and Van Cleef & Arpels, for which they tried on the decorations from the new collection of the Contes d'Hiver brand (Winter Tales). 

Yanina Parienko


I danced in all ballets of the "Jewels" trilogy. Each of them passes different states. "Emeralds" is a note of nostalgia, tenderness and sincerity. "Diamonds" - a ballet about refinement, loftiness, cold and nobility. "Rubies" is jazz, irony and excitement. I try to enjoy dance and music, as jazz musicians do.


The entrance to the stage is preceded by excitement, but it disappears on the stage. I enjoy what I do. Immediately after the performance I feel euphoria, and after I experience fatigue, but very pleasant.


The costume and Van Cleef & Arpels jewels helped me to Feel myself the Snow Queen.This image is strict, severe, but the queen's eyes are kind, even languid. She understands that she is the ruler of the whole snow kingdom, but still there is a warmth in her.


Diamonds are my favorite stones. Each woman herself must decide whether to wear jewelry, but I can definitely say that in them I feel differently. 


Olga Smirnova


In the Balanchine trilogy, each part is a story, or some period in the work of the choreographer. "Diamonds" - the part in which I play, embodies the classical ballet, beautiful, large-scale, multi-act. A female ballerina is the main plot turns on her. Partner - a gallant chevalier, trying to predict all her desires.


I don't know anything better, than The Bolshoi Theatre. You need to dance widely and freely, otherwise you will look small and get lost in this space.


A woman is created to be beautiful. Jewelry is part of the female nature, so when you wear Van Cleef & Arpels, you want to feel like a muse and inspire others for something beautiful.


I remember when I was a child I considered days before the New Year. The special atmosphere on the eve of the holiday is already a miracle itself, and I want it not to end. 

Yulia Stepanova


The ballet "Diamonds", in which I dance, is a symbol of the Russian Imperial Ballet. The costumes are decorated with stones, the music of Tchaikovsky sounds. A ballerina should sparkle like a diamond and be able to show all her facets.


In every ballet I try to get into the image of a heroine, to become her, to feel what she feels. When I dance, I forget about everything, so after the performance I have a feeling of flight and happiness. This is the real magic that can be created on stage with the help of art. And when people come to the ballet, they get into a fairy tale.


There are tragic ballets, and there are funny ones. Each of them is an opportunity to experience different emotions. Some parts are easier, some harder. Sometimes I try something new, I look at other dancers, listen to the teacher and, of course, I seek my sensation. I like to dance in drama, where you need to play and reincarnate, do things that I have never experienced in my life. This I was impressed with Van Cleef & Arpels. I want to feel like a muse and inspire others for something beautiful.


I would like to believe in a miracle in real life. My cherished childhood dream is to dance the main part in the "Giselle" ballet. 

Anastasia Denisova


Recently I had a premiere in "Emeralds" from the "Jewels" trilogy. This is a romantic ballet. It belongs to the French school. But the other part, "Diamonds", gives me even more pleasure. This is a Russian school, I feel completely different, like a diamond that shimmers with colored beams. Tutus studded with precious stones.


All the magic is due to everyday hard work. I can get into bad moods sometimes during rehearsals, but I overcome myself. And when I go on stage, I understand that it was worth it.


On the set for Van Cleef & Arpels, I realized that the fairy's image suited me very well. Fairies should radiate special energy. I tried to convey this in the photo. Thanks to the decorations of Van Cleef & Arpels, I tried on a new image. There is something magical in the stones and jewelry. They change a woman.


If I am sad in the winter, I go out 

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