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Emperors and 3D-printers: how jewelry for "Matilda" were made



According to the founder of the jeweler brand Caviar Jewellery, participated in the creation of details, a copy of the Big imperial crown and other regalia of the king made using 3D technologies.

PREVIEW Caviar Jewellery brand founded in 2010 by designer Olga Averyanova who graduated from St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design and the School of jewelry. While still a student Olga was engaged in the creation of silver jewelry for thesis and met the employees of the future company. In 2014 the company was invited to participate in the filming of "Matilda". Work was carried out under the supervision of costume designer Nadezda Vasilyeva. The main task of Petersburg jewelers was the manufacture of three crowns, a replica diamond chain of the Order of St. Andrew and a few circuits for the actors involved in the scene of the coronation.

For the right to participate fought several companies, including large jewelry factory, but Caviar Jewellery eventually got a contract. According to Olga, the main reason was the most economical proposal, based, inter alia, on the application of modern jewelry techniques, including 3D-press.

"For regalia we took the silver, brass and enamel phianites. Some of the material was grown with help of 3D-printer, part of the laser cut metal, but something made by hand, as the jewelers of the early twentieth century. All together it possible to accelerate and reduce the cost of the process. For 3D-modeling, we calculate the size we need the components, parts painted in a special program, and then send the file to the printer. Every ten o'clock we got the finished parts in wax, which we gave to the casting and got back in metal ", - says Olga Averyanova.

Shallow Imperial Crown consists of twenty kinds of repetitive elements, whereas large - about forty. Additive manufacturing one piece in the average cost of three thousand rubles, depending on the size. But the full value of jewelry designer refuses to disclose, for commercial confidentiality.

After completion of the requisites for "Matilda" the company continued to work with the theater and film industry, taking up decorations for the State Theater of Nations staged the play "Audience" on the play by British playwright Peter Morgan. Caviar Jewellery teamis  responsible for the creation of a scepter, Power, diamond tiaras and coronation chain.

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