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Eleanora Sevenard wearing Mercury jewelry at the debutant Ball of Tatler 2017

Элеонора Севенард в платье Armani Privé, украшениях Mercury

Eleanora Sevenard in the Armani Privé dress and Mercury jewelry

"For the sake of Armani Privé dresses, I flew to Italy specially. It was my first independent journey, and it turned out very unusual - it lasted only six hours. I did not have time to look at anything - I just drove into the boutique for a fitting, and then immediately returned to Moscow for rehearsals. I really like my dress - it's unusual, its skirt is soft and fluffy, like a cloud, but it's a tight corset, "Eleanora Sevenard told Tatler.

The great-grandmother of Eleonora is the prima of the Mariinsky Matilda Kshesinskaya (the one about which Alexey Uchitel made "Matilda"). Eleanora followed in her footsteps - she graduated from the Academy of Russian Ballet named after A.Ya. Vaganova, and in September she was accepted into the ballet troupe of the Bolshoi. Eleanora went to the Ball with her mother Julia and brother Peter, with whom she danced to the music of the waltz of Eugene Doga from the movie "My affectionate and affectionate beast." 

Элеонора Севенард

Dress Armani Privé, earrings Mercury from the collection Classic - white gold, diamonds; bracelet Mercury from the collection of Classic - white gold, diamonds; bracelet Mercury from the collection Color - white gold, diamonds, rubies; necklace Mercury from the collection Heart - white gold, diamonds, rubies.

Элеонора Севенард

Eleanora Sevenard

Элеонора Севенард

Элеонора Севенард

Элеонора Севенард с партнером, артистом Большого театра Бодренковым Виктором

Eleanora Sevenard with partner, Bolshoi Theater actor Bodrenkov Victor

Дебютантки Софья Евстигнеева, Мирослава Михайлова, Элеонора Севенард

Debutants Sophia Evstigneeva, Miroslava Mikhailova, Eleonora Sevenard

Элеонора Севенард с мамой Юлией и братом Петром

Eleanora Sevenard with his mother Julia and brother Peter 

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