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Descendant of Russian royalty Nicoletta Romanoff about Russian roots and jewelry business

Italian jewelry brand Damiani unveiled the new jewelry collections, created in tandem with Nicoletta Romanova (Nicoletta Romanoff) - actress being herself of the royal blood. Grandpa of Nicoletta Nicholas Romanov - the great-grandson of Emperor Nicholas I, not only kept the memory of his great dynasty, but the family jewelry, which inspired Nicoletta to start the creation of luxury collections. And the best Italian masters of jewelry brought to life creative ideas of Russian princess.

Granddaughter of Duke Nicholas Nikolaevich Romanov, Nicoletta Romanoff gave an interview to Ribbon magazine, in which she shared her impressions of Russia and told about her entire life's work.


Nicoletta Romanoff was born in Italy and was not able to visit Russia until the age of 17-18 years. As soon as she first set foot on Russian soil, she immediately felt her Russian roots. She shudderingly remembers the stories of her grandfather about the royal family that had to suffer greatly.

Russian roots and the connection with the royal family surely influenced the entire life of a girl. Despite the fact that she is involved in television programs and plays in the theater, the creation of unique jewelry is her favorite pastime. Jewelry House Damiani in Milan offered Nicoletta to collaborate and she agreed. Now she creates jewelry, the design of which is based on the king's jewels.

According to her, she always loved vintage and jewels that have an interesting story. Nicoletta Romanoff inherited jewelry of the royal family. She wore them a couple of times, and then gave jewelry to her mother. The girl explained her decision by the fact that they are today of significant historical value. That is why it is possible to wear such jewelry in the Romanov style only in special cases.


Collection Fiori d'arancio (“Orange blossom”) is devoted to a romantic wedding of Prince Nikolai Romanovich Romanov and Duchess Sveva della Gherardesca, who wore Orthodox wedding tiara flowers, as a tribute to the Russian tradition of the groom. Masters of brand Damiani repeated gentle floral pattern in elegant Sveva's tiara as well as in fashion rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets made of white and pink gold. It took 6 months to create this collection, 500 grams of rose gold, more than 4,500 purest diamonds of different carat and 83 Japanese white pearls.


The second collection Fiocco (“Bow”) fully corresponds to its name - playful bows with sparkling diamonds remind of the Baroque era of Emperor Peter the Great's reign, as well as the fashion times of Russian Empresses Elizabeth I and Catherine the Great.

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