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Dell and Nikki Reed released a collection of gold jewelry from recycled electronics


Dell has announced the launch of the first on the market pilot program for the processing of gold from e-waste, which will be used in new PCs from Dell, as well as for the manufacture of jewelry.

Recycled from electronic waste for the manufacture of motherboards gold will be used in hybrid tablet, Latitude 12 (5285), these devices will go on sale in spring 2018.

Dell is also in collaboration with actress Nikki Reed released under her brand Bayou with Love collection of gold jewelry The Circular Collection. Jewelery made of gold from used electronics. The collection includes gold rings 14 and 18 carats, earrings and cufflinks. The cost of gold jewelry The Circular Collection of company Bayou with Love starts from $78. Dell plans to use secondary metal processing not only for the production of new electronics, but also to create jewelry.

For ten years, the company Dell, along with charity Goodwill has been collecting electronic waste. Now it has teamed up with a brand Bayou With Love, to release a limited collection of rings, bracelets and other jewelry made of gold, which previously could be used to board an old smartphone or laptop. Dell already produces gold from this test series motherboards, and later it will be found in other products. Jewelry collection is designed to draw attention to the problem of e-waste.


Photo: Dell

This year, the amount of electronic waste could reach nearly 50 million tonnes. There are valuable materials such as gold and silver  in the old gadget that you throw away or put away in the closet. A study in 2015 showed that people in Europe each year throw materials in the amount of $ 2 billion. 


Gold - is the most malleable metal, which has the second highest conductivity, so it is best suited for the manufacture of electronic circuit boards. 

In 2013, Dell has set a goal in 2020 to use the 22679 tonnes of waste (since plastic) for the production of new products. The plan was implemented in 2016, so Dell has increased the number. 

"There is a pretty small amount of gold in today's phones, tablets and laptops, - commented Scott O'Connell, director of Dell environmental issues. - But if we collect tens of thousands of tons of these devices, at this scale, we can produce enough gold for the production and implementation of partnership programs. " According to third-party experts, recycling gold does 99% less damage to the environment than the production with the use of gold produced in the classical way.


Photo: Dell

So far, the recycled gold costing the company a bit more expensive than usual, but Dell expects that an increase in the scope of the program to stabilize costs, as it was with recycled plastic. To its scale, Dell will have to draw public attention to the recycling of electronic waste - for this purpose and the line The Circular Collection jewelry will be launched.

It is expected that the product of 14- and 24-carat gold will come into vogue.

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