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Day and night: how Bovet now decorates the clock

Now, on the mother-of-pearl dial of the clock is decorated with two picturesque images: one is visible in the light, and the other in the dark

The Swiss watch company Bovet, celebrating its 195th anniversary this year, is known throughout the world for its highly artistic dials. Almost two centuries their mother-of-pearl surface is decorated with exquisite picturesque miniatures depicting natural landscapes, flora and fauna, portraits of famous people.

Bovet have developed a new decorative reception for watches Château de Môtiers with a round body diameter of 40 mm and a proprietary crown in the position "12 hours" . In a drawing made in the traditional Bovet technique, luminescent material is applied successively in several layers, so that the image on the dial becomes readable not only in daylight, but also in the dark.


The difficulty in creating such a miniature is that the "day" and "night" images are made with the same precision and detail, so the artist has to work on two motives simultaneously, constantly moving between the illuminated and dark rooms. The first experimental drawing of Bovet was a gorgeous butterfly in a blue-green range. Automatic watches in the case of red gold are released in a limited edition of eight copies.

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