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Dana Manasir's favourite jewellery brand


Dana Manasyr in Mercury Classic bracelets

Dana is the daughter of businessman Ziyad Manasir and owner of the Vikiland family club Victoria Manasir. And the second debutante in the family. At the Tatler Ball in 2016, her older sister Diana Manasir danced. Now it's time for Dana to perform a waltz and a polonaise on the historic parquet in the Pashkov House.

Already this November, Dana will appear before secular Moscow in a couture dress that she had previously chosen at the Dolce & Gabbana studio in Milan. “I chose white, similar in style to what I wore as a guest at the Tatler Ball a couple of years ago. But it was black with mesh. And now - like a bride, but it doesn’t bother me, ”Dana revealed the secret.


By the way, very soon, at the 2021 debutante brunch, the 17-year-old beauty will have to make one more choice: namely, to choose the very Mercury jewelry in which she will take her first steps towards a great secular future.


In a ring and bracelet , all Mercury Classic With Mercury Flower earrings With Mercury Flower earrings In rings and bracelets, all Mercury Classic In rings and bracelets, all Mercury Classic October 2021 || Photographer: Martina Ferrara.

Style: Tara Sellgren. Hair: Gianluca Grechi. Makeup: Barbara Del Sarto. Photographer's assistant: Rezart Pepa. Producer: Angela Atayants

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