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Chaumet’s new jewellery box is what you want to find under the Christmas tree

Countdown to Christmas with a special little something wrapped in Chaumet blue


In an ideal world we would all be spending Christmas in Paris, but if that scenario currently falls short of attainable, you can still make it happen with Chaumet's new jewellery box instead. Celebrating the holidays and decked out especially for the festive season, this is no ordinary little case to hold your shiny bauble. Opening the signature blue box becomes an experience in itself, where the famous Place Vendôme square is recreated in miniature, backdropped by a night sky lit with shooting stars.

Chaumet's new jewellery box for Christmas A sight for all eyes, this festive Paris glided in gold is the precursor to the treasure within, giving the big jewellery reveal an almost magical sense of anticipation. And as for the exquisite creation that ought to be sitting inside this special blue box? Make it a piece from one of Chaumet's iconic collections, be it the Liens, Hortensia, Joséphine, Bee My Love or Insolence. Whether you're set on gifting a necklace, a pair of earrings or a statement ring, this is how to serve up the perfect Christmas with a slice of Paree. Check out some of the options to go into your new Chaumet Christmas jewellery box:Gucci line of fine jewelry launched in July 2017, but only selected brand customers couldbuy the jewels - during closed sales in Japan, China and the United States.


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