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"Bridgerton", "The Queen's Gambit", "Emily in Paris": Jewelry from famous TV series


Regency necklaces, clothing and furniture, the post-premiere chess demand for The Queen's Gambit, and the sexy men's jewelry from Normal People: How 2020 TV Series Influenced Fashion.

The first season of Netflix's historical drama Bridgerton came out in late December and was an instant hit. According to the stream service, 63 million viewers watched the series in the first 28 days. In January, Netflix officially renewed the costume drama for a second season. The main characters of the series are eight friendly brothers and sisters from the influential Bridgerton family who are trying to find love.

On the screen, the romantic challenges of Regency London's high society are complemented by sparkling ornaments, sumptuous costumes and antique furniture. Popular projects have long been known for their ability to shape trends, and the Bridgertons are no exception. Film fashion historian Anna Bashtova explained to Gazeta.Ru why TV shows influence viewers much more than films.

“There is a big difference between getting people involved in a TV show and in a movie. Because it's one thing - it's a two-hour product, where you dived, surfaced and went on with your life, and another thing - when you watch a series. It's like reading a book: you get involved, the characters become familiar and dear to you, you feel a sense of involvement with them. And at this moment the need arises to acquire something that will make you a part of this world, ”said Bashtova.

She cited as an example the series "Peaky Blinders", whose heroes are imitated by young people around the world.

“When the first season was bombed, first in the UK and then around the world, boys began to get their hair cut and dress like the main characters of the series. This does not mean that they wanted to rob and kill someone: they just liked the aesthetics of the series so much that they wanted to be involved. For example, the leading actor, Cillian Murphy, said that he did not understand how you can voluntarily get a haircut like that - shave your whiskey, - said the historian of the film fashion. - But at the same time, a ton of fans did so after him. The creator of the series, Stephen Knight, is not a fool, and he founded a brand of exactly the same clothes that the heroes of "Peaky Blinders" wear. The brand sells well. " She also mentioned the iconic Manolo Blahnik shoes from Sex and the City and the Molly Goddard dress worn by Villanelle from Killing Eve.

“Girls began to actively buy Manolo Blahnik for themselves, not because it is the best shoe in the world with the most comfortable last and heel, but to become a part of Carrie Bradshaw's world. It's just a desire to touch and taste what you have been shown, ”added Bashtova.

In the face of the pandemic, viewer engagement in TV shows was particularly high. Let's talk about how the popular TV series of 2020 generated demand for certain goods and services.


The costume drama sparked a surge in the sale of high-end jewelry, clothing, and furniture in the early 1800s. Anthony Barzilai Fraind, art director of 1stDibs luxury store, told The Hollywood Reporter about this.

“The success of the Bridgerton is likely to be the reason for the skyrocketing sales of 18th and 19th century furniture, Regency jewelery and even vintage high-waisted garments with puffed sleeves,” Freind said. “We are always amazed at how a popular film or television series can generate interest in a style, era or activity and have a significant impact on sales.”

The site features items from the Regency era dating back to 1815. For example, there you can find a gold necklace with sardonyx cameos worth $ 36,000, a ring from 1815 with a pink sapphire for $ 8,700 and chandelier earrings made of antique gold and turquoise for $ 6,500.


"The Queen's Gambit "

The October 2020 Netflix series The Queen's Gambit was watched by 62 million users in a month. The project had a significant impact on the sales of chess on the 1stDibs website, which grew by 1200% compared to the same period last year. According to a study by the operator of fiscal data, sales of chess in Russia after the premiere of The Queen's Gambit increased by 48% compared to October 2019. Online purchases of the ancient game rose 12%, while offline purchases increased 166%. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, the sales of chess grew by two and one and a half times, respectively. One of the most expensive chess sets was sold in the capital for 1.4 million rubles. Also last fall, there was an increased interest in chess courses and literature


"Normal people"

The Irish drama series Normal People, based on Sally Rooney's novel of the same name, drew the attention of viewers to men's jewelry. High schooler Connel was wearing a silver chain - the only thing he did not take off during the sensational explicit scenes. According to Lyst analysts, sales of men's jewelery increased 43% since the show's release compared to 2019. Fans of the project even created a page on Instagram with a selection of frames, which depicts the actor Paul Mescal with a chain around his neck. 176 thousand people are subscribed to the account.

"Emily in Paris"

The series about an American woman who went to work in Paris has been criticized for its stereotypical view of French fashion. Nevertheless, many people liked the wardrobe of Lily Collins' heroine. Since the release of Emily in Paris, searches for Kangol panama hats soared 342%, red berets 100%, Marc Jacobs Jelly Snapshot bags 92% and Aldo bags 64%. In two days after the premiere of the series, searches for the Ganni skirt increased by 289%. Also, viewers were often interested in Ronny Kobo's "snake" miniskirt, which was searched for on the net by 22% more. Two weeks after the release of Emily in Paris, the luxury French brand Chanel sold 25% more items than two weeks earlier. This is evidenced by the results of a study by Thredup and Lyst's annual report "A Year in Fashion".


"The Crown"

The fourth season of "The Crown", which focuses on the relationship between Prince Charles and Princess Diana, has thrilled fans of the British royal family. Lady Dee's style is still relevant and attracts the attention of fans. Elizabeth II's impeccable outfits also inspire fans to replicate royal bows. After the release of Korona, Launer bags became very popular. Once the website of a British brand that has been supplying monarchs with accessories for more than 70 years could not withstand the load and broke.

“I've never been as famous as I am now,” Launer CEO Gerald Bodmer told The Telegraph.

According to Bodmer, the last time he saw such an influx of buyers after the death of Margaret Thatcher in 2013. The former UK Prime Minister was a big fan of Launer bags.


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