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Best friends: the main High Jewelry collections of the year

Last month of the year is the traditional debriefing. 2017 was fruitful for fashion houses - a collection of fine jewelry amazed us by amount of jewelry and rare stones. We chose the four most spectacular Hihg Jewelry collection of the year. 

Festa Bulgari

Festa Bulgari is inspired by the ability of Italians to enjoy life, but also a masterpiece of Italian cinema of Luchino Visconti's "The Leopard", action which takes place against the backdrop of magnificent ball in the Palazzo Gangi in Palermo. In fact La Festa is the best illustration for the Italian art of living. The Festa Bulgari includes more than one hundred jewelery and watches. Ring in the form of a cake with pistachios, brooch in the form of ice cream - Festa is one of the few collections made with a great sense of humor.

Bella Hadid at the Cannes Film Festival wearing necklace with sapphire weighing 180.98 carats cut "sugar loaf" from the collection  Festa Bulgari

First of all it is an incredible collection of rare gems of incredible beauty. Ruby weighing 12.10 carats pendant necklace «Cuore di Roma», Burmese sapphire weighing 180.98 carats cut "Sugar Loaf" in a necklace which wore Bella Hadid, Colombian emerald in 11.43 carat necklace «Royal Ball Room» and more one an emerald, a job which took several years.

Colombian emerald necklace from the collection Festa Bulgari

"I first saw it in Hong Kong for more than three years ago - said Lucia Silvestri. - The color was perfect, but the stone does not quite fit the style of Bulgari. It was too awkward. " It took several months to persuade the seller to make a polished cabochon. Stone was pretty massive and in the process has lost not more than 4 carats in weight, and the result is truly stunning. 

Résonances Cartier

Colombian emerald of 140 carats, rubelity weighing 91.15 and 8.33 carat white diamond at 10.08 carats and yellow cut "briolette" in 74.24 carats - just the tip of the iceberg of the jewels in the collection. Résonances Cartier consists of two parts, each with more than 50 jewelry, in fact, is the largest collection of jewelry this year.

 Sunlight Journey Piaget

Necklace from the collection Sunlight Journey with red spinel from Tanzania weighing 10.09 carats

Sunlight Journey

Actress Jessica Chastain was named a brand ambassador of Sunlight Journey and connoisseurs of exceptional stones got acquainted with a collection at a special event in Rome and at the Week Couture in Paris, and then went on a trip, first stop which was the hôtel de Paris in Monte Carlo. Large and clean blue sapphires, yellow is very rare pear-shaped diamond weighing 11.85 carats, deposits of white diamonds, the finest enamel, as well as engraving and white and yellow gold, reminiscent of raw silk - Sunlight Journey is a great story about the jewelry craftsmanship and sense of color .

 Winter Imperial - Boucheron

Baikal necklace (white gold, diamonds, pearls, aquamarine, moonstone)

Hiver Impérial or "Imperial Winter" collection of fine jewelry Boucheron, which is dedicated to the Russian winter. Creative director Claire Choisne masterfully mixed white gold, diamonds, pearls, aquamarine, rock crystal and moonstone. Snowflakes, icicles, dogs, huskies and aquamarine glow of the January sky. The collection consists of more than 40 precious items, but the most spectacular are two incredible beauty of the design and stones necklace: Baakal and Flocon. The first wore actress Salma Hayek Pinault on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival,Baakal then became the most impressive decoration of the event. Flocon is interesting because it is made in the form of a transformer, and is dismantledinto many independent jewelry, including rings, earrings, hair accessories and brooch. In short, the real magic, inspired by the imperial jewels.

Necklace-transformer Flocon (white gold, diamonds, crystal) 


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