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Ben Affleck gives all his girls paired jewelry. And Jennifer Lopez is no exception



A pendant with the letters BEN appears in the singer's jewelry collection

 Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, after a romantic weekend on a yacht in Saint-Tropez , where the singer celebrated her 52nd birthday, were seen on a joint vacation in Capri. For a trip to the coast of Italy, Lopez chose a Valentino woven tote bag , a snow -white Reformation mini dress and a straw hat . Jennifer's new jewelry, a gold chain with the letters BEN, also got into the paparazzi's cameras. Of course, it's not hard to guess whose gift it is. Jennifer Lopez with "Ben" pendant VIEW GALLERY 10 PHOTO Are we really excited about the reunion of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, or is this just nostalgia for the noughties? In any case, the couple is beautiful, both now and 17 years ago. Here are 10 proofs

Sasha Amato jokes on his telegram channel Golden Chihuahua: "How many halves does he have in his chest, since he gives all his girls a necklace with a half heart or his own name?" The fact is that the actor also gave his ex-girlfriend Ana de Armas a symbolic adornment: paired necklaces with halves of the heart on a chain. And although all the joint photos in the actress's account have long been deleted, the fan Instagram of their couple @anaandben remembers everything. View on Instagram

Therefore, now we suspect that somewhere under the T-shirt he is hiding a pendant with the name or initials of J.Lo.

Either these are Ben Affleck's Horcruxes, or so he denotes the seriousness of his intentions. In any case, giving paired jewelry or necklaces with your lover's initials is a very romantic gesture. View on Instagram

Collected 11 jewelry, a little more original for a gift to your significant other than the pieces of heart that Ben gave to his ex. From paired TBalance Crystals bracelets with positive Love and Sunshine lettering to minimalist heart jewelery from Pandora and Gucci . And so that everyone knows for sure that you are not free - choose the Levashovaelagina necklace with the Taken inscription. If you want to be specific about who exactly you are in a relationship with, then you can follow Lopez's example and wear jewelry with your partner's name or initials: you will find these at Chloé , Simone Rochaand many other brands. If you want to clarify that you are very happy in this relationship, then colorful Lauren Rubinski beaded beads with the inscription Happy will help you.


Set of bracelets TBalance Crystals, 9 782 rubles,


Pendant in the shape of a letter Monica Vinader, 6847 rubles,


Chloé letter pendant, RUB 21,495,


Simone Rocha letter pendant, 15,055 rubles,


Lauren Rubinski, 7745 rubles,


Gucci bracelet, 16 140 rubles,


J-Point necklace, 51700 rubles,


Bracelets with letters Roxanne Assoulin, 8453 rubles,


Pendant Pandora, 4490 rubles,


Anni Lu bracelet set, 10,271 rubles,



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