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Bella Hadid in jewelry from the new collection B.zero1 Bulgari



Presenting B.zero1 BVLGARI, Bella Hadid emphasized that she shared the confidence of Roman jewelry house that jewelry can inspire women to set their own rules: «B.zero1 underlines the strong side of my character that defends the freedom to be different in the face of conformity ".

The Bulgari presented a new ring B.zero1 Labyrinth. Spiral curves of the two types of gold creates an optical game of the original smooth silhouette - ring reveals his innate ability to violate generally accepted standards.

Jewelry line B.zero1 Design Legend - the fruit of a collaborative effort between designers Bulgari and the famous architect Zaha Hadid - presents another surprise, finding new and revolutionary design. Endowed with a bold and free spirit, inspired by the ancient ring B.zero1 Coliseum is an example of innovation in Italian - the ability to violate the canons and create new classics. 

In 1999, when the collection B.zero1 was created, instead of the usual thin metal strips in base ring design was based on the three-dimensional, almost architectural form, pushes the boundaries of conventional thinking about the silhouettes of ornaments. Wide central strip on both sides surrounded by two flat rings with double Bulgari logo - it was unprecedented new jewelry aesthetics. So there was a unique decoration and a real icon of the jewelry house. 


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