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Bear rings and earrings by Verba Jewellery

bear jewelry

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Among the different jewellery styles, Anna Fanigina’s bear jewelry are really stand out. Her jewelry for those who love design and things with meaning.

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Verba (“words” in Latin) is a jewellery brand founded in 2001 by Latvian-based designer Anna Fanigina. Inspired by Latin language and words, Anna’s pieces display a beautiful inscriptions. Every brief but now totally incomprehensible inscription in Latin in the hand of the designer looks like magical, alchemical phrase from the old book. Her collection of brooches, rings, earrings, pendants demonstrates Anna’s belief that jewellery are an amazing messages that need to be said. Anna’s desire is to share her message with customer and make him try to extract from jewellery the messages they carry.

bear jewellery ring

Bear silver ring with photo, rock crystal and Latin inscription


Even the name of the brand - Verba - translated from the Latin as "word" and originated from the phrase «adbibere verba pūrō pectore» ( «accept words with pure heart"). Anna chosed a Latin because she considers it a universal language and a kind of code.

Verba jewellery collection consists primarily of a silver jewelry, laconic in form (rings, earrings, cufflinks, brooches, pendants, etc.). Anna’s predilection for silver and rough stones is a direct homage to the sculptural yet edgy side of nature. Made of silver and natural stones, each piece is lovingly presented and ready to wear.

And, of course, the main reason for the general smiles and emotion - this silver jewelry with pictures of teddy bears. Anna’s “Bear” jewelry collection is a realization of a childhood dream of every girl, clutching her teddy bear, which is her special property, her toy.

bear jewellery earrings

Bear silver earrings with photo, rock crystal and Latin inscription


But her Bear collection is far more than a play with the toys.  Every ring, earrings and brooch with these bashful bears is not only a valuable piece of art, but it is an enchanted talisman, given us to protect. Anna’s bears are the heirs of the ancient bear, whose worship existed in many countries in the past. It makes us believe that these tiny bears will remove all difficulties, that we will get a chance to get back in the half-forgotten world of our childhood. Wearing them, everybody is sure that the life around still the same magical and wonderful just as in childhood. With a bear earrings in your ears, necklace around your neck or with the crowned bear ring on your finger, you recall the serene time when everything was simple and easy.

bear jewelry ring

Bear silver ring with  photo, rock crystal, Latin inscription


Fans say that Verba jewellery creations not only decorate and add curious detail to clothing, but also sometimes help: Latin sayings of wisdom has been tested by many centuries, they can actually support in a difficult situation and suggest the right solution.

Bear silver ring with inscription from Seneca: POTENTISSIMUM ESSE QUI SE HABET IN POTESTATE means “The most powerful who has himself in his power”.

bear jewelry earrings

Bear silver earrings with photo, rock crystal and Latin inscription


Earrings made of 925 silver. Charming bear earrings with cubs on earrings applied engraved in Latin "TECUM SUMUS", which means "We are with you", 100% handmade. Translation circularly drawn on a clear plastic stand.

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