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Baccarat Crystal jewelry

Jewelry designer Marie-Hélène de Taillac - master of the genre "just transparent colored stones and nothing superfluous." She really creates very concise things, does not chase the abundance of the diamond pava and sees the beauty in a variety of gems. Therefore, the choice of Baccarat is understandable: tiny colored lenses, produced according to the ancient technology of the House, were entrusted to Marie-Hélène - so that she turned the material for a luxurious chandelier into everyday ornaments.

Fans of "thoroughbred" costume jewelry rejoice: the crystal Baccarat looks luxurious due to a very high-quality and symmetrical cut. Simply put, the brilliance and play of light here look very beautiful and do not pretend to be the laurels of precious stones. The bracing, which does not pretend to be jewelry details, also helps, but looks exactly like the traditional brass rings of the antique chandelier pendants. And a colorless option for lovers of minimalism and accurate quotes from Baccarat.

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