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Aymeline Valade became the face of Ice Cube Pure collection


Aymeline Valade has a lot of advertising campaigns with the largest fashion houses and already two films - "Saint-Laurent" and" Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets" under her belt. As a true Parisian and star of the streetstyle, Aymeline Valade has a subtle sense of style that the Chopard brand valued, suggesting that Valade become the face of the new Ice Cube Pure collection.

Minimalistic jewelry began to gain popularity a couple of years ago and during this time managed to seriously compete with large earrings with crystals, necklaces and massive bracelets with semiprecious stones. Laconic, subtle ornaments are beautiful, among other things, by the fact that they can be combined with anything and look stylish.  

Photo: Chopard Press Service

The Swiss brand Chopard has always delicately felt the jewelry trends and this year presented the collection Ice Cube Pure, very modern and timeless, which may well become a new embodiment of the concept of "fashion jewelry". Choosing the face of the collection of a girl with an original sense of style, Chopard gave things even more character.

"I do not leave the house without rings and earrings, partly because I liked the Ice Cube Pure decorations so much, they are universal things that can be worn without taking off, day and night," says Aymeline. "Jewelry gives the whole image of sophistication , Chic and femininity, no matter what you are wearing. I like to wear small gold jewelry with the simplest clothes, they are an accent of reserved luxury. " The model itself stylized photoshoot with Ice Cube Pure jewelry. Narrow jeans, a shirt larger in size, a buggy, a man's jacket and a jacket-a scoop - a set of basic things of style in the spirit of "Parisian chic" - made up the perfect batch of laconic rings, earrings and pendants.      

Ice Cube Pure Bracelets in white and pink gold, Ice Cube Pure

For the first time the Ice Cube decorations appeared in 1999 and immediately attracted the attention of the expressed avant-garde. The most popular watches, which are still in the range of Chopard. The Ice Cube Pure collection continues in the 1990s in a more refined style. Earrings in the form of five cubes in a row, a necklace with the same motif on a thin chain, earrings and bracelets of polished gold with diamonds and without. Due to the clear lines, the ornaments look strictly, and due to careful polishing and elegant proportions - very feminine. In addition, all products from this line are made of gold, produced in compliance with high ethical production standards, which Chopard has already mastered in work on collections of high-quality jewelry art Green Carpet.

"It's great that gradually we become more conscious about the consequences of our actions. Care for the working conditions of gold miners can help make the world a better place, and the use of new ways of production can positively influence the ecology of the planet. Yes, this entails economic changes, but they are worth it, because in the end the climate is life. " Ice Cube Pure jewelry has already appeared on sale at Mercury jewelry boutiques. 

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