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Axenoff Jewellery collection for film about Romanov Russia

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Film is about Russian dancer of Polish origin, Mathilda Kshesinskaya, who was the second in the history of ballet to receive the title Prima ballerina assoluta. When Matilda was only 17 years old she became known because of her romance with the Tsar Nicholas II. The main part of the ballet dancer Mathilda was played by Michalina Olszańską and the part of the King was played by Lars Eidinger. Best supporting role was played by the jewelry (the modern version of tiaras and necklaces that Nicholas II gave to his beloved woman, created by jeweler Pyotr Aksenov).

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"Nicky’s gifts were good, but not large," - wrote in his memoirs Duchess Maria Romanova-Krasinskaya, formerly known as the Russian ballerina Mathilde Kshesinskaya. The new name and the title Malya, as she was called by her close friends, got after marriage with one of the Russian princes, but the most interesting pages of her memories are not about family happiness in Nice or escape from Red Russia, but about how she became prima ballerina of the Mariinsky Theatre, and fell in love with the heir, the future Emperor Nicholas II. Oh, and about his royal gifts, of course.

Stills from the film "Matilda." NICHOLAS II (LARS EIDINGER) at the Mariinsky Theatre WELCOMES Kshesinskaya (Michalina Olszanska)

The love story of the last Russian tsar and dancer is worthy of the screen, and a Russian filmmaker Alexei Uchitel, author of "MANIYA ZHIZELI" (“Giselle’s obsession”) and "His Wife's Diary" is promising to turn this love story into a movie. Alexei Uchitel used to make films in a big way and with an eye to submitting them to film festivals in Venice and Cannes, so in the "Matilda" he gathered not only the best Russian actors, including Galina Tyunina and Yevgeny Mironov, but foreign artists, including polish actress Michalina Olszańską and german actor Lars Eidinger. The costumes match the era - St. Petersburg costume designer Nadezhda Vasilieva, known for her work with Balabanov and Rustam Hamdamov, is responsible for them. It was she who invited Pyotr Aksyonoff as a jeweler in the movie.


Mathilde Kshesinskaya, 1910

A film about femme fatal and brand Axenoff Jewellery – a match made in heaven. Aksenov’s favorite historical period - the last decade of the Romanov Russia, the reign of Alexander III and Nicholas II, the digest of all the influences, living through another Renaissance, rich, talented Russia. It was a time when the opera "The Snow Maiden", "Prince Igor” were staged, and Faberge and Bolin ruled the jewelry world. In addition, one of the most favorite jewelry pieces of Peter - tiara, which is so rarely worn today by women, and which ballerina adored. Axenoff made a dozen of them.

Alexandra Feodorovna silver necklace with pearl and topaz, AXENOFF JEWELLERY

"Kshesinskaya paid great attention to jewelry and dresses. She believed in the power of the first impression on the stage and preferred the showy appearance - said Aksenoff. - But it was something else. Look at the pictures of the great dancers of the time - Tamara Karsavina, Anna Pavlova - their beauty and charisma are visible with the naked eye. But Kshesinskaya looks ordinary. But the emperor remembered her and acceded to her demands all his life".


The wedding night of Nicholas II and Alexandra Fedorovna (Lars Eidinger and Luise Wolfram)

In "Matilda" there is a collection of about twenty-five jewelry pieces: tiara, Egret, brooches, earrings and necklaces, which jeweler made for the first time. One of the film's story line - the battle for the king's heart between mistress and the young wife - is reflected in the decorations.

Empress ALEXANDRA FEDOROVNA in AXENOFF JEWELLERY tiara, earrings and silver necklace with pearls. FILM "MATHILDA", 2016

White German, Empress Alexandra Fedorovna preferred pearls to precious stones, romantic pearl necklace-collar made of two rows of pearls with white sapphires has been made for her. Her favorite flower - a lily of the valley, and Aksenov made for her cameo strewn with these innocent flowers.


Matilda is not like Alexandra at all.. In her memoirs she described in details nearly all the gifts given her by the tsar, but Aksenov replicated only two actually existing Romanov jewellery pieces: the diamond wheels collar, with which she almost never parted, and a ribbon necklace, it is worn around the neck or pinned to the crown of the hat. The rest - the original stuff. One of the unique pieces - swallow transformer. Costume designer has set a task for Aksenov: Matilda shows up at the film screenings and must blow everybody away. And jeweler created a bird with spread wings - it can be worn on a thin rim on the head or on the bodice of the dress as a brooch.



For Aksenov "Matilda" is not the first experience in film: we saw his tiaras and earrings in the BBC mini-series "War and Peace" with Lily James as Natasha Rostova. But he creates jewelry specific to the film for the first time. He was accustomed by the laws of modern jewelery fashion to surprise customers each season - snowflakes and nutcrackers for the winter, Christmas trees and the Kremlin towers for the New Year and berries for the summer, - cinema has given a legitimate reason to immerse in the atmosphere of different style and era, which is dear to Pyotr Axenoff's heart. Now there are negotiations on a participation of the brand in the next historical picture and the preparation for the jewelery exhibition in New York - Axenoff Jewellery enters the US market.



But "Matilda" does not leave - and Peter is going to dedicate her the first fragrance: "It will smell sweet and sharp amaryllis, orchid and vetiver. A bottle will be decorated with a precious bow, Kshesinskaya loved them so much".

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