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Axenoff Jewellery Ball in St. Petersburg

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Fashionistas wearing Axenoff Jewellery looked like representatives of the Russian Silver Age at the legendary hotel "Astoria".

Last Saturday, fashionistas mingled in the busy social life of St. Petersburg, where the Axenoff Jewellery ball took place at the legendary hotel "Astoria" .

Alex Tyutynnik, Ella Persson, Kristina Shapan, Timur Askerov

The reason for the celebration was the presentation of a new jewelry collection of Axenoff Jewellery “Vertograd" and exclusive fragrance that Peter Axenoff has created especially for the hotel. A nice bonus was the scented candle in the tone of the perfume, which combines notes of pepper, vanilla and native Russian birch.

Vladislava Smekalova and Pyotr Axenoff


Victoria Shelyagova and Svelana Zakharova


Winter Garden of "Astoria" hotel turned into a fragrant flower paradise created by Natalia Semenova-Fesenko, who decorated the space with gentle peony, lily of the valley, roses and ivy. As planned by the jeweler, Ball was held in the spirit of the last century, furnishings and design features brought to life the magical atmosphere of the early 20th century, the Silver Age, and romantic white nights were one of the most efficient embodiments of the idea. The culmination of the evening was the ballet performance to the music of Jacques Offenbach “Barcarolle” from The Tales of Hoffmann.

Pyotr Axenoff and ballet dancer Angelina Vorontsova


The name of the collection “Vertograd" is the ancient Russian word for "Garden of Eden", and is dedicated to gardens - symbols of paradise. Russian tradition of garden art - from the monastery gardens of ancient Russia to park ensembles of palaces of St. Petersburg and Moscow, plants and insects are reflected in jewelry. Earrings and brooches in the form of a rowan, currants, gooseberries, raspberries and cherries, tiara with elderberry and pansies, dragonfly brooch and butterfly brooch and earrings in the form of beetles and bees.

Pyotr Axenoff "Vertograd" ("Garden of Eden") collection 


Preparations of the guests seem to be quite perfect: outfits and hairstyles in the spirit of 20-ies of the last century in the interiors decorated with fresh flowers, picturesque De Gournay wallpaper on the walls, looked above all praise.

Victoria Shelyagova 

Vladislava Smekalova


Creator of the Collection jeweler Pyotr Aksenoff was surrounded by loyal friends, artists of Mariinsky and Mikhailovsky Theatre: ballerina of Mikhailovsky Theatre Angelina Vorontsova, first soloist of the Mariinsky Theatre Kristina Shapran, principal dancer of Mariinsky Theatre Timur Askerov, principal dancer of Mariinsky theater Vladimir Shklyarov.

Victoria Shelyagova 


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