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Ani Lorak showed off the ring on her finger: secretly married a yoga instructor?



Singer Ani Lorak in a new photo showed off a wedding ring on the ring finger. The actress shared the intriguing picture on Instagram. Earlier, the artist said that she was in a relationship with yoga instructor Isaac Vijraku, and now fans have noticed a wedding ring on her finger.

So far, neither the singer nor her lover have commented on this information. However, it is worth noting that previously Lorak did not wear jewelry on the ring finger.

Ani Lorak and Isaac Vijraku met in Ibiza, where Lorak was looking for a way to her place. A few days after they met, they realized that they wanted to be together. The singer was not even stopped by the fact that Isaac was married and raised two children. The couple posts holiday pictures and says that these are their best memories. Lorak, on the other hand, repeatedly wrote on social networks and said in an interview that she felt happy.


Lorak does not even hide the ring on his ring finger. It is not clear when and where she managed to get married, but it is known who the husband is - this is her yoga instructor Isaac Vijraku from Ibiza. She became close to him just last year when she took individual lessons. He is 47 years old, he has already managed to visit Russia - he brought a new passion.

Lorak, we recall, is 44 years old, she divorced Murat Nalchajioglu, a Turk, whom she met at a resort a few years ago - he served her at the hotel. The singer has a daughter from him, Sophia, she is already 14 years old.

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