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Alicia Vikander: "I bought a small piece of jewelry after every successful project"


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The actress visited the opening of the Bvlgari exhibition in Moscow

Until January 13 an exhibition "The charm of femininity. The Magnificence of Roman Jewels ", which presents over 500 jewelry items from the Bvlgari house, including jewelry from the collection of Elizabeth Taylor, Anna Magnani and Anita Ekberg,  takes place in the Moscow Kremlin Museum. At the opening of the exhibition the actress and brand ambassador Alicia Vikandertold about her favorite jewelry pieces, small traditions, unusual habits and about where she likes to live.

- Tell us about your first jewelry item - what was it?  

- It was so long ago that I hardly remember it, but inherited from my aunt, I got a bracelet that was made of Russian coins. She wore it in her youth, so this bracelet is so dear to me. When I was at the Bvlgari exhibition in the Kremlin, I noticed that one of Elizabeth Taylor's bracelets from the collection "Monete", decorated with old coins, is very similar to mine!  

- What is most important for you in decorations?  

- For me, the most important thing is emotions that are associated with a specific decoration: a reminder of a certain period or history. The more often I wear jewelry on an important occasion, the more I become attached to it.   

Alicia Vikander and Eva Green at the opening of the Bvlgari exhibition in Moscow  

- What is your attitude to diamonds during the day?  

- Usually I dress very simply and comfortably (and I hope it's fashionable!), Therefore I think that diamonds are quite acceptable in the daytime, with them the outfit becomes brighter and more interesting.  

- Do you have a "happy" dress or accessory?  

- There is no specific dress or accessory, but before I had a tradition: I bought a small decoration after each successful project. It all started with my first film, when right after shooting I bought myself a bracelet. Then it became a tradition. I do not think that these ornaments bring me luck, but now this is my way to celebrate success.  

- You mentioned the exhibition Bvlgari - it is devoted to film actresses and films, in which they starred in the jewelry of the brand and which were worn in life. And what is your favorite retro film?  

- Definitely, "Some like it hot!" I often watch it. Marilyn Monroe in it is simply amazing, and she knew exactly how to wear jewelry.  

- And who is your favorite actress?  

- Isabelle Huppert - incredibly stylish.  

- Do you have any habits or rituals that have been with you for many years?  

"Since I had an opportunity to travel quite early, I started recording interesting places and restaurants where I liked or where I would like to get next time. From this list you can already make a small book.

  - What most influenced you in life and career?  

- My mother - she is also an actress and thanks to her I chose this profession. And, of course, I'm grateful to her for giving me life.   

- How do you feel about criticism?  

- Every time I tell myself that I will not read any criticism, but it's so hard not to do it! I know for sure that the more I'm busy, the less time there is to read the reviews. It is much more important to focus on the process than to think about the final result.  

- Where do you like to live most of all?  

- I have not lived in the same place for over 4 months since 15 years and have been always looking for a place that could call home. It took quite a long time and eventually I realized that it was not the place, but the people with whom you live and with whom you feel at home. So for me it's best to be where my loved ones are.


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