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Alesya Kafelnikova showed off an engagement ring

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The model put the final point in a relationship with rapper Pharaoh. Alesya shared a photograph of a luxurious ring on the ring finger. Fans suspect that she will soon go down the aisle with a mysterious blond. 

21-year-old Alesya Kafelnikova flew off for the New Year holidays in Monaco. The model spent time with a pretty blond, with whom, according to rumors, she began a serious relationship. The reason for suspicion was the appearance of her luxurious ring. Many are sure that the girl has already said yes to her new lover, putting an end to the long affair with rapper Pharaoh.

In social networks, the model boasted a gift from a chosen one. Fans emotionally reacted to the publication of Alesya. They wished the star heiress of love and happiness. “Alesia, you are so cute! Finally you have found a reliable person! ”; “Lesya, how beautiful you are! Be happy!"; "Wedding ring? Wow!" - wrote followers.

Note that the identity of the future spouse of Alesya remains a mystery: there is not a single publication on his Instagram.

The model is happy in a new relationship

Recall that in 2016 Alesya Kafelnikova started an affair with rapper Gleb Golubin, better known as Pharaoh. However, their love story did not last long - the musician could not come to terms with the behavior of the model and initiated a break. “Everything was bad. With Gleb, we could not establish a relationship, although we tried. The inner void required immediate filling with anything: food, parties, people, adrenaline, work, ”Yevgeny Kafelnikov’s daughter shared earlier.

After breaking up with the 23-year-old rapper, Alesya began a difficult period in her life. At some point, Kafelnikova disappeared from all social networks, and later her father even said that the model was drug-dependent. The parent's loud statement made the podium star depressed. For several months, she flew to Bali to recover. Fortunately, the girl quickly went through rehabilitation and returned to her modeling career.

Now Alesya does not remember the past

By the way, in October last year, information appeared that Kafelnikova was reunited with the ex-boyfriend. In honor of the 21st anniversary, Alesya organized a big party. At the celebration, rapper Pharaoh was spotted. Fans immediately came to the conclusion that celebrities flared up again. Also, a video appeared on the Network in which Alesya was seen making a wish, blowing out candles and kissing an ex-boyfriend. However, after this, the couple never came out together. Alesya Kafelnikova and Pharaoh met in London

“When I had conflicts with Gleb. He began to communicate with girls with silicone lips. And for some reason I thought that I also need to pump my lips. I walked with them for a long time, and I even liked it. I can not sit at home. They tell me, don’t go, but I’ll specially go to spite. We probably love each other with Gleb mentally. I am sending him mental messages, ”said the star. Photo: Instagram



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