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7 mascots Rings with japanese hieroglyps by Russian jewelry brand "Alchemy"

Thing of the day: 7-mascots Rings with the characters of the Russian jewelry brand "Alchemy"



Would you like to have a talisman, good fortune, bestowing wisdom or help cherished desire fulfilled? This does not happen only in fairy tales. We found 7 beautiful decorations of the jewelry brand " Alchemy" to help the dream come true.



The collection " Alchemy" is a series of rings in the form of a calligraphic prescription Japanese characters. Each piece has its own meaning, "beauty", "happiness", "power", "wisdom", "desire" and others. Due to the changing size you can wear it on any phalanx. Performed in a smooth , matte or blackened silver or gold , the minimalist accessories will not only be elegant accent to any image , but also will give you superpowers.


Psychologists have long given explain the effect of "red thread". Making a wish, you start to focus on it more often, randomly stopping view on "talisman". Your brain gets the hormones of joy, as if the dream has already been realized, and the subconscious mind begins to act in your best interests. You find opportunities, looking for ways to get what you want, without even noticing it!

The cost of silver rings 925 - from $92 to $130.


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