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6 jewelry trends we will happily follow in 2021


Use this collection as a guide to the world of jewelry

1. Chains have been on the runway for long enough to earn the status of a basic accessory.

The main difference from previous seasons is the size of the jewelry - the chain links have become even larger. Combine new items with last year's smaller versions for trendy layering.


Tiffany HardWear necklace in yellow gold, Tiffany & Co. (RUB 1,231,000)

2. Imagine the smallest version of the Jacquemus Le Chiquito handbag. Now shrink it down to the size of an accessory that fits in the palm of your hand. Such handbags / chests / buckets this year have completely lost their functional significance, turning into ... decorations.


Earrings Chiquito, Jacquemus (15 450 rubles)

3. The abundance of jewelry made of beads and beads seems to compensate for the year in which many of us had to cancel the planned vacation. Decorations in a naive style, so reminiscent of the ones we wove in childhood, will stay with us at least for the spring-summer season of 2021. We hope that on this vacation we will be able to take the profiles with shells further than the Moscow region reservoirs.


Beaded earrings, Et toi (about 2 615 rubles)

4. Another trend that girls with any face shape will fall in love with is hanging earrings, and the longer the jewelry is, the better. In addition to their fashionable function, they perform another equally important task - they visually stretch the neck, turning the owner of the earrings into a swan princess.


Earrings made of beaded pendants, Beaded Breakfast (5 990 rubles)

5. Large abstract jewelry made of semi- or precious metal. Earrings that resemble a crumpled piece of paper, bracelets associated with solidified lava, and simply a piece of metal that is unlike anything else. In such jewelry, texture comes first, not shape - keep this in mind.


Bracelet, Valentino (about 52 410 rubles)

6. Nominal, with words or whole phrases - ornaments-messages were reborn from the ashes. We're just glad: it's hard to come up with a better way to express yourself.



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