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6 carats and hundreds of thousands of dollars: consider the engagement ring of Lindsay Lohan


Yesterday, actress Lindsay Lohan told fans the good news - she is getting married to Bader Shammas. In the photo, Lindsey and her fiancé smile happily, and the actress shows off her engagement ring with a luxurious diamond. Many immediately wondered what price Bader had paid for it.



Although the actress herself did not mention the brand of the ring and in general no details, the experts still managed to determine the size of the diamond and the estimated value. This was reported to Page Six.

The approximate size of the ring was determined by Apeksha Kothari, chief operating officer of Rare Carat. As it turned out, Lindsey became the owner of a six-carat diamond!

The director of The Diamond Pro, Mike Fried, suggested the value of the ring. “I would value a ring like this at $250,000.” He also added that most likely the ring is made of platinum or white gold.

Actress Lindsay Lohan announced her engagement and showed off a ring with an impressive diamond. Arab financier Bader Shammas became the chosen one of the star. The 35-year-old celebrity posted on her Instagram a post in which she smiles happily in the arms of her lover. " My love. My life. My family. My future ," she wrote.

The actress published a photo with a new boyfriend back in February 2020.

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