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25-year-old Liza Arzamasova showed off an engagement ring worth 600 thousand rubles


The actress provoked rumors that she is marrying 46-year-old Ilya Averbukh.

In early July, the public learned about the relationship between 46-year-old figure skater Ilya Averbukh and 25-year-old star of the TV series "Daddy's Daughters" Elizaveta Arzamasova. The lovers were noticed and photographed together in one of the Moscow cafes. After the publication of the photo in the press, the couple officially confirmed their romance. Note that Averbukh is 21 years older than his chosen one - obviously, that is why the news about their relationship excited the public so much.


Elizaveta Arzamasova

Before the sensational news about their romance about the personal life of the skater and actress, little was known. After Averbukh's high-profile divorce from figure skater Irina Lobacheva in 2015, he tried to hide his relationship as carefully as possible from the scrutiny of the public. As for Liza Arzamasova, at various times she was credited with novels with her colleague on the series Philip Bledny, then with Rodion Gazmanov. Moreover, many were sure that it was with the singer that the actress would eventually connect her life.


Ilya Averbukh

However, on the eve, the news spread in the media that the skater intends to marry his young passion and, moreover, has already made her a marriage proposal. This became known after the live broadcast of Arzamasova in the microblog on Instagram, in which the actress showed a new ring that could not be overlooked. The host of the sports show "Figurview" Elena Rodina is sure that the relationship between Ilya and Lisa will end in a wedding.

“Lisa recently went live and actively showed her engagement ring there. Expensive, most likely. And she was deliberately showing it ... I would not be surprised that she was waving her engagement ring so actively to prove to her colleague in Daddy's Daughters Miroslava Karpovich, who is now having an affair with Pavel Priluchny, that she also has a personal life. After all, the news about the affair of Karpovich and Priluchny thundered before the publication of the relationship between Arzamasova and Averbukh. For Karpovich, an affair with such a popular actor is a great success. I do not exclude that this is precisely why Arzamasova persuaded Averbukh to make their connection public, ”said Rodina.


Liza Arzamasova showed a new ring

According to the expert, the jewelry costs an impressive amount of money. So, jewelry designer Vlad Torkhov, looking at the photo of the engagement ring, noted that it is not cheap. “The approximate cost of Liza Arzamasova's ring is from 600 to 800 thousand rubles. And if it is branded, then from 1.2 to 1.3 million rubles. The photo is not very clear, but judging by the yellow tint of the central stone, one can assume that it is citrine or something like a placer of diamonds, "Torkhov suggested in an interview with KP.


Liza Arzamasova showed a new ring

We will remind that last week it became known about Averbukh's plans to build a new large mansion on the site of his former cottage. In a new house, he is going to live with his young lover. Some bloggers noted that a month ago, being in self-isolation mode, the artist went live from Averbukh's house. That is, they already live together, and not just meet. The athlete plans to dismantle his old cottage on the banks of the Istra reservoir and sell it by autumn. In its place, the builders erected a more spacious mansion. Ilya Averbukh sells his cottage




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