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19-year-old Dina Nemtsova showed off the wedding ring


After the divorce, Dina Nemtsova began to talk less about her personal life. But not so long ago, she had a young man whom she met on the Web. Less than a year later: 19-year-old Dina Nemtsova is getting married for the second time Dina Nemtsova. Photo:

The daughter of the late politician Boris Nemtsov, Dina, got married in 2020. A very young girl was in a relationship with her school friend Dimitri for four years.

They tied the knot at the registry office of Barvikha, and a few months later they also married in a religious ceremony. However, soon Dina announced that she had divorced her husband. She assured that the separation went without conflict.


After the experience, Nemtsov's daughter decided not to talk about her personal life. She began to pay more attention to herself. But not so long ago, Dina met a young man on the Web.

Their feelings flared up, and now she made it clear that everything was serious. The young heiress showed off a ring on her ring finger. Moreover, she now calls her mysterious chosen one her fiancé.

“I began to go out less frequently on weekends, because I dedicate them to my family and friends and rarely get distracted by the phone. This Saturday, my fiancé and I went to a hotel near Moscow for a master class on authentic communication and a delicious barbecue, ”the student writes.

Fans follow the life of Dina. Many noted that they had not seen her so happy for a long time. “You are so cute”, “Very nice couple”, “What a brave you are”, “It’s good that you are working on yourself”, “The ring on your finger, you quickly decided”, “We hope that everything will work out for you,” users wrote.

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