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What does a typical wedding of billionaire look like?

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Most Luxurious Honeymoon holidays “Wedding, like Gutseriev"- That's the term that media use for large scale celebration. Multimillion budgets, hundreds of guests and a dozen of popular musicians, including representatives of Western pop scene - all integral parts of the billionaire wedding. We decided to collect the most interesting facts about how a typical wedding of billionaire looks like.


After Gutserievs couple selected restaurant Safisa for their wedding, this place is firmly earned a reputation of one of the most chic places of the capital. The total floor area - 3000 square meters, where, if desired, you can not only make a real Garden of Eden, how it was at the wedding of Sargis Karapetyan and Salome Kintsurashvili, but also accommodate more than 600 guests. By the way, according to experts, floristic composition at the ceremony of Gutserievs costs about 14 million rubles.




Not less than five hundred people usually come to congratulate the newlyweds, so wedding of Karapetyan make the wedding of "Alliance Group" Mariam Bazhaev’s daughter and her chosen one, Magomed Erihanov, son of the head of the Chechen branch of "Rosselkhozbank", seem a little holiday "just for us" (there were about 200 guests). At the same time at the celebration of Gutserievs were more than 600 guests, including the first president of Ingushetia, Ruslan Aushev and the current head of Yunus-Bek Yevkurov.



No magnificent wedding is complete without dancing and live performers. Team of musicians can be very different: from the singers who are very popular in the honeymooners homeland to Western celebrities, such as Jennifer Lopez, Sting, Enrique Iglesias (who arrived in Russia specifically to perform at the festival of Gutserievs), and a rock band Maroon 5, whose performance at the ceremony in honor of Sarkis and Salome took place the day after the big solo concert at the "Olympic".



One thing which can not save a lot money is the bride's dress. The choice of the fashion house, where the future wife of billionaires choose the dress is almost always predictable - Elie Saab. Needless to say that the dress of Khadija Uzhakhovs weighed more than 25 kilograms and valued at 27 million rubles. Not to mention the white gold tiara, adorned with a scattering of diamonds for 3 million rubles. However, if you want to impress the guests not only by beauty, but also by the exclusivity of your look, then you should take a cue from Salome Kintsurashvili, who specifically for this day acquired Savoy tiara from the legendary jewelry brand Tiffany & Co - a decoration which actress Carey Mulligan wore in the "The Great Gatsby" movie.



The main question that arises at these celebrations: Are guests really able to eat 7-meter festive dessert? But the fact remains: it’s pity to cut such works of culinary art. The absolute favorite in this category was the 6-meter-long cake at the wedding of Sargis Karapetyan and Salome Kintsurashvili – it was literally up to the ceiling.

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