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Wedding of the daughter of a Tajik oligarch Shokirov: dress for 40 million and performance of Kirkorov

It seems that this year's oligarchs competing over who would throw the most luxurious and expensive wedding. After the wedding of the son of Mikhail Gutseriev and daughter of Musa Bazhaev the family of Tajik businessman Ilkhom Shokirov threw another lavish wedding.

Where the wedding took place

Last weekend the wedding of the daughter of billionaire Ilkhom Shokirov, Madina and her chosen Sardor took place at Radisson Royal "Congress-park" hotel in Moscow. A large-scale festival was attended by 900 guests. The hall where the wedding took place, was decorated with fresh flowers.

Bride's dress for 40 million rubles

Madina surprised everyone by her beautiful dress: she appeared in a dress from the Haute Couture collection of British designers Ralph & Russo for 40 million rubles. Admittedly, the bride's outfit looked truly incredible: the dress is made up of several layers of tulle, embroidered with silver, encrusted with several thousand pearls and Swarovski crystals and decorated with petals of organza.

Performance of the stars

Guests were entertained by Philip Kirkorov, Stas Mikhailov, Leonid Agutin and Soso Pavliashvili. Slow dance bride and groom danced for the song "Heaven on earth" by Timur Temirov.

Wedding Cake

Another "highlight of the program" has become a huge cake from the famous confectioner Renat Agzamov. Guests at the wedding were treated with dishes of Central Asian cuisine.


Before the wedding Madina Shokirov arranged a bachelorette party: the bride spent the weekend with friends on a yacht in Marbella, Spain, where they went on a private jet. The day before the wedding she organized a second party, more than modest: bachelorette party was held at Moscow's Mediterranean restaurant.

How much is

According to preliminary calculations, Shokirov daughter's wedding costed at least 30 million rubles - not counting the dress, of course.

The bride's father Ilhom Shokirov owns the "Grand" hotel - the most expensive in Tashkent, he also owns 65 percent of the shopping center "Demir" in Uzbekistan and a number of hotels in Moscow. In 2010, Ilhom Shokirov threw a grand wedding for his son, who had married the daughter of the Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Rustam Azimov.

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