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Vodianova's strange outfit made her an object of ridicule on Instagram

Natalia Vodianova flew to London for Fashion Week. Photo: Instagram.

In London, the Fashion Week of the Autumn-Winter 2019/2020 season started. One of the most extravagant was the show of a new collection of designer Mary Katrantzou. The Greek designer, who constantly lives in London, has created unusual outfits and, as fashion critics say, all this will be worn. Mary made a bet on a cascade of shuttlecocks and bright colors, because of which her outfits resemble costumes for children's matinee. The main star of the show was supermodel Natalia Vodianova.

Vodianova walked down the Runway in a bright yellow dress, consisting of ruches and feathers. Photo: REUTERS A

Russian woman walked down the Runway, in a bright yellow dress consisting of ruches and feathers. The fact that the outfit presented by Natalia resembles a chicken costume was noticed by many. In his Storeys Vodianova published a video  with an animated image of the nestling, hatched from the egg.

Natasha herself thinks her dress is sunny and positive. “The mood of the day".

At the London Fashion Week, Vodianova also took part in the Burberry fashion show. In the defile of one of the most famous British brands, Natalia got a more classic look - she walked down the runway in a beige-colored suit.

On Instagram, they immediately began to joke that Natalia's dress looked like a chicken costume. Photo: Instagram.

While Natalya works at Lodon fashion week, her older children spend their holidays with father. Lucas, Neva and Victor flew to Uruguay, where British Lord Justin Portmn, the supermodel's first husband, lives. Justin settled long ago in the Uruguayan resort of Punta del Este, where he built a luxurious estate. Children fly to him regularly, and, apparently, Vodyanova’s heirs enjoy spending time with their dad in South America. The other day, Justin shared a photo with his children on Instagram: they went hiking in the jungle.

The ex-spouse of Natalia Vodianova is very proud of her children and gives them a lot of attention, even though they live on different continents. Portman's favorite is daughter Neva: a 12-year-old girl grows up as a real beauty and, if she wants to, can easily repeat her mom's career on the runway.

Recall Natalia Vodianova and Justin Portman broke up in 2011. Justin was painfully worried about their break and for a long time refused to give Natalia a divorce and resolve the issue of custody of the children. But in the end, the ex-spouses managed to settle the relationship.

@neva_portman @wattsupphoto #rockingchairs #knitting #incesantwaffling 723 Likes Moët Henness by Bernard Arno.

Only in one day, after a sharp jump in stocks, the state of Natasha's potential father-in-law increased by 4.3 billion dollars (and it is estimated at $ 73 billion in total). Vodianova has already given birth to two heirs of these billions - he and Antoine are raising up joint sons Roman and Maxim.

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