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Ulyana Sergeenko releases a collection of timeless accessories

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In addition to line of luxury handbags, which changes every season, Ulyana Sergeenko releases a collection of timeless accessories. Models and forms remain the same year to year - only color changes. Because some things do not need to be improved! There are a few models in the "classical” line of Ulyana Sergeenko bags. The most must haves are actually only two.

Firstly, the very name of Ulyana bag, elegant and neat “Ulya”, - a variation on the reticule, which was popular in the fifties. In the 50s the word "handbag" sounded archaic. Graceful female accessory deserved more noble title than just a "bag".


Reticule “Ulya” - is an upgraded version of an old-fashioned little things. Smooth lines have become stricter, and to the traditional model to be worn on the shoulder, which was the first in a line of classic accessories, Ulyana Sergeenko added a backpack, who replaced long strap adjustable shoulder straps. Compact size does not preclude - in a handbag fits everything you need, from the powder box and finishing the pocket book. All models are made of soft leather and presented in five color variations - red, black, brown, pink and dark green. The blind fastening mechanism is crowned by a golden horse - the main symbol of the fashion house.

Natalia Vodianova, Dita Von Teese and Renata Litvinova has long nourish affection for these elegant accessories, and we are also slowly beginning to fall in love.




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