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Ulyana Sergeenko Couture Accessories

Ode to the Soviet era of the 1960s in the details.

In the last Fashion Week in Paris Ulyana Sergeenko told the story of the Soviet era - the 1960s. To create a couture collection she selected three iconic themes of that time: science, sport and Arctic expeditions. Motifs inspired by a “political thaw ", masterfully embodied in a wide range of Ulyana Sergeenko accessories: from sunglasses encrusted bezel which mimics the structure of the molecule, to the suede handbags, portfolios that resemble those that were in use of every Soviet man. Miniature handbags of calfskin in three colors - dark green, chocolate and cranberry – remind of romantic retro images from grandmother's trunk. Horn-rimmed glasses and leather helmets are must haves for modern fashionista. Symbols of the brand - a fairy firebird, flowers and rocking horses, appear in the embossing and embroidery, as well as charms on bags.

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