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The most luxurious wedding dress of Dana Wolley Zayat got its hashtag on the web

In order to find the perfect wedding dress, many brides spend more than one month. But the Lebanese it-girl Dana Wolley Zayat decided to order a wedding outfit on her sketch. It turned out so luxurious that it bouncing around the blogosphere.  

Dana Wolley Zayat

Lebanese it-girl Dana Wolley Zayat could not find the perfect wedding dress in famous boutiques

Lebanese Dana Wolley Zayat got married almost a year ago, but her wedding is still being discussed on the web and the fashion press. The thing is that the bride ordered such a luxurious dress that the sewing studio Esposa decided to publish the process of creating the outfit (and the final result) under the #dooniexesposa hashtag. Pictures with a sparkling gold dress are still getting an insane amount of "likes".

The creative Esposa team created a look through a unique sketch. Its author was the bride herself. Dana thought out her image to the smallest detail, so the whole process of training took about a year. However, the goal fully justified the time and means. Zayat looked at the wedding celebration as a real princess. 

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