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Marine collection of Alena Ahmadullina and brand "Econika"

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Sleepers, Gym shoes, sandals with flat carved platform, backpacks and handbags inspired by the Russian fairy tale Sadko, the minstrel.

Marine style is associated in our minds with a stripy T-shirt, white pants with a belt, jackets and tunics with the eye-catching buttons, a light wind in your hair. A Marine style by designer Alena Akhmadulina is different. Her spring collection also belongs to the marine style, but for completely another reason. She was inspired by Russian fairy tale Sadko, the minstrel, whose play captivated the King of the Sea, and by theme of sea elements. She used wave prints and foams on the ocean patterns to decorate not only clothes, but also accessories and shoes. The collection features the most trendy models of the season - elegant sleepers, which like dance and Gym shoes, sandals and clogs on a flat platform and ankle boots with open toe and heel.

Designer paid particular attention to marine decor. Numerous wavy inserts of transparent vinyl that are invisible when walking, so that it seems as if your leg is covered with bubbles. Wave shape platforms and heels, holes carved with scrolls and prints, which resemble the eastern engraving with raging waves at sunset. In addition to shoes there are handbags - convenient backpacks bags, all with the same prints, and beach bags with laces resembling sailor ropes and feminine handbags with retro accents.

The wide range of pastel colours (pale pink, lilac, pearl, pistachio, mint and blue, with occasional flashes of bright cobalt, azzure and blue-black) is a great advantage of this collection. The most fashionable models can be worn during the day and night - with dresses in linen style to match the "pastel" range.


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