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The first ever fashion shoot at the Moscow Kremlin

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Online Shop released photoshoot devoted to Russian fashion.

AIZEL.RU presented a special photo project dedicated entirely to the Russian fashion. Atmospheric photos, inspired by the latest collections of Russian designers: Viva Vox, Katie Dobryakova, ESVE, A'la Russe, Gourgi, Alexander Terekhov and Svetlana Tegin, were made by fashion-photographer Anton Zemlyanoy. In addition to an impressive list of brands, this photoshoot was held on an unprecedented scale – at Moscow Kremlin.

The main heroine of the shooting became one of the most popular Russian models - Irina Nikolaeva. Appearance of the girl, combining absolutely Russian and European type, was another historical metaphor for communication and folk references and modern fashion, which has become the leitmotif of the photo shoot. "I have too many revolting images of Russian avant-garde, emerging from Russian icons: St. Basil's Cathedral by Aristarchus Lentulova, Natalia Goncharova sketches for "The Golden Cockerel" in my head. That is why we took svitshot with a portrait of Mayakovsky on the background of St. Basil's Cathedral - they both represent two epochs of Russian history. Glittering white evening dress with beads by Alexander Terekhov turned into a princely outfit, when we paired it with gold earrings with semi-precious stones. A beaded bomber by Alexander Arutyunov reminds images from Pushkin's fairy tales.

"It was important to show the diversity of Russian designers and to do so in a way that the modern fashion does not come into conflict with the genius of the place, with ancient temples and cathedrals, which "do not tolerate fuss", - says art director of shooting Anna Zhakevich.

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