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# Suprimania: how a brand from the street captured the fashion world

#Суприммания: как бренд с улицы захватил модный мир


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The collaboration of two completely different fashion brands Louis Vuitton and Supreme - a theme that has not left the main pages of fashionable portals for several days. There are several reasons for this, but the main two: the prohibitive price and the limited output.

Among the admirers and first buyers of the collection were Russian stars Yana Rudkovskaya, who shocked subscribers with her video on Instagram from the Moscow  Louis Vuitton boutique, and Philip Kirkorov, whose love for everything expensive and kitsch has become a byword.

However, the noise around the collection is gradually subsiding, and the clearer is the intent of the creative and marketing departments: maximum resonance. Agree that from the point of view of design this collection does not represent anything revolutionary: they are just things, even the highest quality, with logos, mixed like at the press-will. But what an exhaust!

Following the western celebrities, who hastened to boast of branded acquisitions, boasted Russian. Among them, except Rudkovskaya and Kirkorov, were figure skater Evgeni Plushenko, footballer Fedor Smolov, synchronizer Angelica Timanina and many others. The reaction of subscribers was quite predictable: thousands of comments and hundreds of reposts, and thanks to Yana Rudkovskaya's video, several new hashtags appeared on the network: # suprimania and # hudidlyasyna.

Анастасия Решетова

Anastasia Reshetova

Рамзан Кадыров и Евгений Плющенко

Ramzan Kadyrov and Yevgeny Plushenko

Федор Смолов

Fedor Smolov

Николай Батурин

Nikolay Baturin

Анастасия Решетова

Anastasia Reshetova

All this made a real explosion in the Russian media: now, probably, there is not a single Internet resource left on this hot  topic. Based on the collection, T-shirts with Philip Kirkorov have already appeared, and even those who are in general far from this hype publish their versions of "branding".  

Футболка с Филиппом Киркоровым в олимпийке из коллекции

T-shirt with Philip Kirkorov in the t-shirt from the collection

Сергей Шнуров

Sergei Shnurov: Like everybody, - commented on this photo on his own Instagram Sergei Shnurov.

Among those who managed to snatch a piece of brand happiness, turned out to be Russian designer Artem Krivda. We asked him why he needed it.  

Artem Krivda, designer

I'm not the first year I'm a customer and Louis Vuitton, and Supreme. When at the fashion show in Paris in January fashion brands presented the result of their collaboration, I immediately chose what items to order, so that they were in my wardrobe before all this frenzied success.  I did not think that this collaboration would cause such a resonance in society! But the main thing is that they are just things. You just have to stop thinking about them as a scandal.

Артем Кривда

Artem Krivda

But it is now Supreme and Louis Vuitton in the wake of the "scandal" happily rubbing their hands and counting profit, and previously met in court: the leadership of the French fashion house more than 10 years ago sued the American brand for using their logo. Who would have thought then that once the two brands would unite in one collection!

Strictly speaking, copying (rather, not so: creative rethinking) is one of those elephants on which street fashion is based, and Supreme - its American headliner for more than 20 years. What can I say, even if the famous brand logo - white letters on a red background - is not your own Supreme invention, but a homage to the work of American artist Barbara Kruger.

Painting of Barbara Kruger

Логотип Supreme

The Supreme Logo

As an independent Supreme brand appeared in 1994, its creator is James Jebbia. The young brand, thanks to skateboarders, quickly gained popularity.

But what exactly helped to achieve such fabulous heights? One of the secrets is the overlimitized drop, behind which the queue is built no less than behind the new iPhone, the only difference being that it happens more often than once a year. This is understandable: how to divide into all comers eight skateboards hand-painted by Damien Hirst? And Supreme supplies its stores to stores (which, by the way, also quite a bit - only 11) in parts, practically in a monthly mode, heating up the public's interest in their products.

Джеймс Джеббиа

James Jebbia

Коллекция скейтбордов Демина Херста для Supreme

Collection of Damien Hirst skateboards for Supreme

Another recipe for the popularity of the brand can be called excellent visualization: for as provocative as the famous brand campaigns, Terry Richardson worked, and the model was, for example, Lady Gaga. Screaming appearance combined with a sexual message is an unmistakable hit.

Реди-мейд Дага Шварца


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