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Rich parents of Instagram (@richparentsofinsta): an account of the life "of those who earned their millions themselves"

Accounts of "rich and famous" continues to haunt the network users. And demand, as we know, breeds supply. So in addition to numerous photoblogs dedicated to the life of the "rich kids," their creator started, or rather, restarted another - @richparentsofinsta, or "Rich parents on Instagram" - about the life of those, "who's earned millions themselves".

According to the owner of the account, parents, unlike children, have the right to demonstrate wasteful lifestyle, since they often have earned their money.

“Maybe they were not rich as children and now enjoy their prosperity. I want to motivate people and get messages from subscribers, it helps them to work, and they want to achieve as much as they can”.

However, characters of the profile often become not just rich parents, but also their children, who boast of gifts given by mothers and fathers. Here, everything is quite as usual: the stack of money, private jets, Lamborgini and other Bentley.

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