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Private planes, Rolls-Royce and Chanel: luxury life of the illegitimate daughter of Marat Safin

Few people among fans of the titled Russian tennis player know that Marat Safin has a daughter who was born by his beloved Valeria Yakubovskaya. The birth of a girl 11 years ago did not awaken fatherly feelings: the tennis player recognized his daughter as lawful heiress, but refused to take part in her upbringing. However, the indifference of the father did not prevent Eva from growing in love and care: the girl bears the surname of her stepfather - millionaire Dmitry Yakubovsky, who does not refuse his beloved stepdaughter in anything. By the way, Eva's mother became the 11th wife of Dmitry Yakubovsky. After the divorce with her, the millionaire married Xenia Lukash, and then again Valeria. Thus, Valeria is now the 13th wife of a businessman.

11-year-old Eva is driven from Barvikha to an elite Moscow school in Rolls-Royce and Maybach. The girl is considered an icon of style among the girl-friends and children of friends of her parents: she wears red Dolce & Gabbana baga fashionable half-bun, a Chanel cage and dresses from the latest collections of Dolce & Gabbana. After the lessons, the daughter of Marat Safin is engaged in tennis, and then spends leisure time with the company of another "golden" heiress - Tonya Khudyakova, the daughter of producer Pavel Khudyakov.

Eva is flying by private jet to the best resorts in the world - most often to the Maldives and Italian Sardinia.


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