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Mini film featuring the spring collection Ulyana Sergeenko Couture

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On the first day of summer Ulyana Sergeenko team decided to show the public a mini-film about the spring-summer haute couture collection of the brand. This film is without a story – but is simply spectacular and the video sequence itself is captivating. It recalls the elegance and sophistication of the early 20th century.

In its spring couture collection Ulyana Sergeenko decided to combine two of the most unexpected images: Russian aristocrat of beginning of the 20th century and Madonna in her early days. So, to be honest, we expected from the mini-movie something in the spirit of the bright clips of the singer in her most cheerful and boisterous years. Something in the spirit of “Like A Virgin”. But it probably would not be too suitable for couture house.

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Therefore, models - Nastya Kusakina and Svetlana Zakharova – move to music, written by Nikola Melnikov. The Main characters have the DNA of a rich girls, they are placed in a beautiful room of Hotel de la Salle which features style and grace with plush surroundings, put powder on themselves - apparently, going to a party.


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