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Melania Trump against Botox, "I will grow old with dignity"

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Potential US First Lady, the wife of Donald Trump, Melania Trump is without doubt a spectacular woman, but naturalness was never her strong suit. Many people suspect that wife of billionaire's is obsessed with plastic surgery and various manipulations with the appearance, but Melania denies these rumors.

In a new article on Trump's wife, which was published in GQ magazine, were presented viewpoints gathered from Melania’s friends, as well as quotes of the heroine of the material. 46-year-old Mrs. Trump commented rumors that she has increased the breast and resorted to other plastic surgery:

“I did not change my appearance. Many people say that I have resorted to various procedures to change my face, but I did not do anything. I lead a healthy lifestyle, I take care of the face and body. I am against Botox, against any beauty injections. I believe that it is harmful to the skin, for the nerves. I'm ready to grow old with dignity, like my mother”.

Secrets of beauty, according to Melania Trump - a long walk with the weighting on the feet, plenty of fruits (seven servings daily) and sufficient hydration of the skin. According to one of the friends of Trump's wife, she always preferred healthy sleep to nightlife.

So, one of the old friends of Melania told about her life in New York before she met Donald Trump:

“She did not go to nightclubs. She had dinner at Cipriani restaurant at 10 pm, and at 1 am was already at home”.

According to those who's known Melanie for so long, she never allowed herself to look not perfect; even as a schoolgirl, future Mrs. Trump did not appear in public without makeup.

“Even in summer she always looked perfect, every day”, - Recalls childhood friend of Melania Trump.

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