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Leaders Russian Woman perfume Inspired by Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin does not abandon the position of the most influential person in the world, and Russians continue to admire him. They even produce perfumes with his name for women. What will smell the ladies who will buy Leaders "Russian woman"?

You can feel the aroma and buy a soft pink bottle near the Kremlin - in GUM. This is the only point of sale of exclusive perfume. A matte bottle, 100 ml in volume, costs 7 500 rubles ($129), and $215 for a perfume in a presentable wooden package.

"This fragrance is dedicated to a Russian woman," Maxim Fomichev, the head of the brand, told to Komsomolskaya Pravda. - Russia has always had a woman's face, despite the fact that the rulers were mostly men. Yes, and now Russians have a very manly president - a real leader. But Russia itself, as a woman, is behind the back of its leader. It was this idea that inspired perfumers. Leaders "Russian woman" became a female analogue of a man's fragrance, which was on sale two years ago



Initially, 17 test scents were created in France, and only one became Leaders "Russian woman". The composition consisted of aromas of rose, coconut, peony, lilac, with the initial note - bergamot, and the final notes - sandalwood, vanilla, nutmeg and cedar. The fragrance underscores the strong features of the Russian woman's character, but also the subtle romantic aspects.

"We have already sold about 500 bottles for a week, while this is a limited series - so far only 1500 items have been released. But there are also orders to London, Ukraine and other countries, " - says Maxim Fomichev.

The famous Russian representatives such as actress Renata Litvinova, radio presenter Alla Dovlatova and deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee for Family, Women and Children Oksana Pushkina have already appreciated the fragrance. A bottle of Leaders "Russian woman" was handed over to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the official representative Maria Zakharova.


Photo: Alice Titko Photo: Alice Titko

Perfume water Leaders «Russian woman» became a female analogue of the male flavor of Leaders «Number One», which two years ago appeared on sale. But if the first perfume was created in France under the inspiration of a specific person - Vladimir Putin, then the female counterpart has no such binding - there was a collective image of a Russian woman who loves her homeland and respects the president. The demand for man's perfume was crazy, black bottles with recognizable silhouette of Putin from a thin layer of platinum for 6,000 rubles were ordered from different cities of Russia, they were sent to Germany and China. Then women could not treat themselves with perfume, because "Leaders Number One" had purely male notes. That's why the idea of ​​creating a fragrance for women was born.


"Leaders Russian woman"

The initial notes are bergamot, notes of "heart" - rose, coconut, peony, lilac, the final notes are sandalwood, vanilla, nutmeg and cedar.

"Leaders Number One"

The top notes are lemon, bergamot and black currant, the wood core is cedar and fir balsam, as well as some musk and Tonka beans. 

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