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Lady Gaga performed at the wedding of Russian tycoon at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles

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Since last year, the concept of "Armenian wedding" has become a kind of metaphor for luxury wedding. After the triumph that Mikhail Gutseriev organized for his son, it became clear that the bar had been set high for businessmen wishing to organize a rich celebration.

But, it seems, it is possible. This weekend, luxury wedding was organized not at Moscow's Safisa, but at the luxurious Dolby Theater in Los Angeles,  known for the ceremony of awarding Oscar movie awards. The event was hosted by Ksenia Sobchak and Andrey Malakhov. And the guests were entertained by Svetlana Loboda, Nikolai Baskov, Stas Mikhailov and ... Lady Gaga! Price tag for artists was higher at times their standard price, which is logical - a long flight and such a responsible event. 

Lolita and Gaspar Photos: Personal page of the publication's hero in social network Lolita and Gaspar


Ksenia Sobchak posted a video on Instagram, showing Lady Gaga performing on-stage with the caption: "I do not announce Lady Gaga every day!" 

The wedding did look luxurious. The guests were greeted by violinists who performed classical music. The newlyweds, Gaspar and Lolita, looked like real winners in life - the bride in a dress with an unreal train looked like the steepest Oscar nominees. Among the guests was the jeweler Loree Rodkin. Loree wrote:

​"I have not even left yet. I've been in Armenia or in the episode of armenia's got talent ... I can not tell. Wedding at the dolby theater". #Theateraswedding @madmadmash

Lolita - the daughter of a large businessman Eldar Osmanov, Gaspar - the son of Albert Avdolyan

Lavish wedding forced journalists to began the calculations. The final amount has not yet revealed, but floristic compositions cost around half a million dollars, artists - another million in two. Plus, renting a room, refreshments, settling guests, a bride's dress, and other things that are invisible to the eye. It's terrible to imagine if someone decides to outdo this celebration - then, apparently, the wedding will have to be celebrated on Mars.

Congrats Gaspar and Lola!

And who paid for the banquet? Most likely, the fathers of the newlyweds. Lolita is the daughter of a large businessman Eldar Osmanov, Gaspar is the son of Albert Avdolyan. Eldar Osmanov is a co-owner of the company Mezhregionsoyuzenergo, which, according to the press, includes such assets as Tagilenergosbyt, Chelyabenergosbyt, Arkhenergosbyt, Vologdaenergosbyt, Khakakasenergosbyt and Roskommunenergo. 

46-year-old Albert Avdolyan is the founder and owner of the company "SCARTEL", the holder of the shares of "Yota". Originally from Krasnodar. Father of four children. According to the American media, together with his wife Elena resides in the estate in Beverly Hills, which cost him $ 13 million.


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