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How to repeat the makeup of the new girl of Jared Leto - Russian model Valery Kaufman

Makeup artist Nika Kislyak tells how to repeat the makeup of Valery Kaufman at Vogue Fashion's Night Out

Valery Kaufman was preparing for Vogue Fashion's Night Out  thoroughly. She was helped by the director of Vogue fashion department Olga Dunina, and a make-up  artist Nika Kislyak. 

"After we discussed with Olga the image of Valery, it became clear that make-up should be natural, light, emphasizing the natural beauty of the model. To prepare the face for makeup, I used Armani Prima products, they not only moisturize the skin and smell very nice, but also instantly fill the skin with a healthy glow. In makeup I wanted to emphasize the relief of the face, strengthen the luxurious shine of the skin, so I chose the tone of Luminous Silk, "says the make-up artist.

Image of Valery Kaufman at Vogue Fashion's Night Out

"Valery's thick, expressive eyebrows I designed with the help of the Eye & Brow Maestro product, then used eyebrow gel to shape and fix the eyebrows, and then easily used a natural light brown shade of Eye & Brow. The main final touch of makeup is the lipstick of the Russian Rose, whose color looks very natural and at the same time refreshes the face. I applied lipstick with the pads of my fingers to create the effect of a blurred outline, when the lips really look like petals, and the lipstick pigment goes deep into the lips, thereby keeping for a long time.

Lipstick Russian Rose is ideal for creating fresh natural make-up, lips will look expressive both in the afternoon and in the evening. To complete the image, I would recommend slightly touching the cheekbones with the same lipstick."

Image of Valeri Kaufman at Vogue Fashion's Night Out TAGS: FNO 2017


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