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How to dress a boy stylishly and inexpensively: 5 looks For different occasions


Is it worth it to buy fashionable and expensive clothes for kids? According to blogger and star mother Sasha Kabaeva, if you wish, you can dress your child stylishly and at the same time quite inexpensively. Mom showed five successful images for her 3-year-old baby for different occasions. Well, let's see how she does it!

How to dress a boy stylishly and inexpensively: mom collected 5 images for her son Sasha Kabaeva, a blogger and mother of three-year-old Demid, shared her fashionable looks for her son with Letidor . Sasha Kabaeva, blogger, son's mother Sasha Kabaeva, blogger, son's mother When a child is very small, it is more practical to dress him in something that you don’t mind throwing away later. If you buy a T-shirt for 5 thousand rubles for a baby who is just learning to eat on his own, then most likely it will be thrown away the next day. I see no reason to buy expensive things when the child is growing very fast. Especially up to a year - so after a month the clothes will already be small. Now there are a lot of stores at affordable prices, where a stylish thing for a baby can be bought inexpensively - within 1000 rubles or less. But when the child grows up, you can buy him more expensive things, because he will be more accurate. Read also How to dress your child in cold weather If you are planning to go with your child to some event or arrange a photo session, then the baby should be dressed up beautifully. I will share with you a few bows of my son Demid.


I always wanted to make a cool photo shoot for my son, so that later I would remember this wonderful time with a smile. Demid loves Batman very much, and we decided to make a photoshoot in the image of this hero. I chose a black leather jacket for him and a white T-shirt underneath . It seems to me that this is a very beautiful combination.


It is autumn now, the cold has come , it is better to dress the child warmer. I chose a quilted blue jacket . Quilted things are the trend of this season, and we are not far behind! Also, Demida is wearing dark blue trousers and a hat of the same color, I diluted this image with white sneakers .



In this photo, Demid is preparing for his birthday celebration - he is three years old. The son is wearing an oversized white shirt and a black vest . I liked this combination so much that I decided to come up with a similar bow for myself. It's cool when mother and child are dressed in the same style . So you can go to a birthday or a holiday in kindergarten.

For all occasions 


I believe that mother and baby are two halves of one whole. I really wanted to emphasize this in our photo shoot with him. For Demid, I chose a warm oversized sweater and trousers in pastel beige tones . In this image, you can go anywhere, it looks very stylish.

Sport elegant


My boyfriend, my son and I went to the premiere of a children's cartoon . I chose an image for Demid in a sport-elegant style: a white shirt with a cardigan and black jeans . She completed this look with black athletic shoes . Now in the trend of combining classic things with sneakers, it looks fashionable and modern. Read also 6 fabrics that are best for children's clothing I want to instill good taste in my son from childhood, and I try to do it. Most of these images I collected from clothes that are sold in ordinary mass-market stores. If you wish, you can dress your child stylishly and at the same time quite inexpensively!

Photo: Depositphotos

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